Whether it’s after a terrible break-up or you have just decided to tackle life on your own for a little while, everyone needs some tips on mastering the art of “adulting” in your first solo home. This is not a place full of partying, unhealthy snacks and empty take-out boxes. I’m talking about your first place that is finally suitable for fully functioning members of society. A place where you feel comfortable, safe and completely open to having a potential suitor visit.

Living alone for the first time shows that you have a grip on your life. With some more independence and additional responsibility, tackling your love life will hopefully come easier. Now, living on your own is a big step. Hopefully, this Guide will help you decide on some products that you can’t avoid buying forever. They are essential to turning your house into a home.


First and foremost, everyone should remember that saving food saves money! I’m not talking about pinching every penny and eating four-day-old rice every week. However, spending the extra time to make yourself a healthy, balanced dinner that can be spread out over two nights of dinner will only help your diet and your budget. Tupperware also makes it possible for you to actually bring a lunch to work, opposed to spending yet another $15 on a sandwich at that cafe by your office. Now, you will have some extra money to spend

Knife Set

Gone are the days when it’s okay for you to use the same Chef’s Knife for every single item in your kitchen. Although they are practical, it’s time to add to the collection to help prevent injury and improve your cooking skills.

Everything that is really far too small for your Chef’s knife, like garlic, more than likely needs to be sliced with a Paring Knife. Having your parents over for dinner? Making a nice bruschetta appetizer for your friends? A Serrated Knife (the one with the toothed edge) is perfect for slicing bread and also proves to be quite useful when slicing some foods with smoother exteriors.

The least commonly used, but just as useful, Boning Knife is necessary for removing the bones from any and all fish and meat. Hopefully, with all of these new knives, you will be able to invite a love interest over and whip up a 5-star dinner full of diced bread, veggies and fish!

Tool Box

Did your boyfriend always act as your handyman? Fixing problems around your house, hanging frames for you and opening tight jars? Now is the best time of all to crack down and become your own handyman. It’s time to just create a basic tool box for yourself. What do you plan on doing if you go to paint your nails before a night out and realize that the polish is practically sealed shut? A wrench, hammer (and nails), tape measure and level should be the first four components to your tool box. Their uses go on and on. Owning a level might seem unnecessary, but it’s a $5 purchase that will save you from being forced to stare at crooked drapes day in and day out. Being able to fix things on your own adds an entirely new level of independence. Living on your own for the first time is about taking things into your own hands and not always relying on others.

Stocked Medicine Cabinet

You shouldn’t wait until you’re sick to get out of bed, leave your house, go to the store and buy some over-the-counter medicine. Every “adult” home should be stocked to not only treat ailments but to also help prevent anything from happening in the first place.

First and foremost, everyone should take a daily vitamin to ensure that their body is not experiencing any deficiencies. Let’s say you become sick. It’s best to always have ibuprofen on-hand to quickly relieve a pain or a headache. The common cold has its name for a reason. It’s common. Decongestants, eye drops, and nasal spray are the best go-to OTC medicines to always have at home to deal with that.

Cough drops and cough medicine should also be stored in there. What about actual minor injuries? What if you accidentally cut your finger because you are using the wrong knife? Band-aids, gauze, Neosporin and hydrogen peroxide are sure to do the trick. Surely, with all of these OTC medicines, you can at least improve how you are feeling before making your way to the store or doctor’s office.

Although some wild, youthful apartments may be stocked with the items mentioned above, there is more to living in an “adult” apartment than simply owning some useful items. Living in your first “adult” apartment is about acknowledging the fact that you are choosing to live in a space that is open to welcoming new ideas and new love. It’s about expecting nothing less from your home than a clean, comfortable place where you can live your life exactly as you please.