The scenery in Lisbon, Portugal is unlike any other. The rows of colorful tiled buildings and steep hills that lead to breathtaking lookouts cannot be matched. Being surrounded by both architectural and natural beauty is enough to alure anyone for a visit, but what puts Lisbon over the top is their food scene. Here are just a few restaurants that will make you fall even more in love with Lisbon.


Rua de São Miguel, 20


Located in the Alfama district of Lisbon near the São Jorge Castle is Lucinda's. Although it only has a few tables on a small cobblestone patio, don't be fooled by the modest setup. The menu uses tons of local Portuguese products, and no better example is their brunch special. For only nine euros, the meal comes with eggs, a variety of local jams and bread, coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice. What makes Lucinda's unique is that at Christmas time, they include a small Portuguese treat called a sonhe with the brunch, and it is not listed on the menu. A sonhe can be translated to "dream," which makes sense once you take a bite of the light and airy delicacy. But any time of the year, Lucinda's is an overall gem.

Pasteis de Belém

Rua Belém 84


This establishment is nearly out of the Lisbon city limits but is well worth the journey. Pasteis de Belém is famous for a Lisbon favorite, pastel de nata, which is a Portuguese egg tart pastry. Pastel de nata combines puff pastry with an almost crème brûlée like filling that makes for a satisfying but not overly sweet dessert. Along with these delicious are many other pastries and desserts, and only at Christmas time, they also sell the Portuguese donut, sonhe. However, you will not find these treats displayed! You must ask the employee for an order of "dreams" which are sold by the kilo. But whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed by the selection or quality.


Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 4


Infame uniquely combines traditional Portuguese ingredients with an Asian twist. Their menu boasts funny names for each new dish such as "She sells, sea shells" for a miso-based clam soup and "Bunny I'm home" for a rabbit entre. In particular, their "Go Tiger!" tiger shrimp is a meal you will not forget. Lisbon's famous tiger shrimp are beautifully paired with Asian spices and ingredients like bok choi and perfectly seasoned coriander and lemon rice. Infame has also redefined desserts by utilizing nontraditional ingredients such as beets in their "Beet it" chocolate cake with white chocolate and pink peppercorn ganache. The menu is fresh, the atmosphere is modern and industrial, and a great experience to have while in Lisbon.


Other Considerations:

Great Tastings

Rua Passos Manuel, 91A
This restaurant has a modern, sleek interior, and serves up Portuguese comfort food in a contemporary way. They have a great fixed menu for lunch, which is only 11 euros and includes a starter, entree, and a drink. Don't miss out on their cauliflower soup; it's to die for.

Try a Francesinha
Francesinha is a traditional Portuguese sandwich. It is made with a variety of meats, covered in cheese, and served with a thick tomato and beef sauce. You can find this dish at any traditional Portuguese restaurant all around Lisbon and is sure to satisfy.