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7 Places to Visit on Your First Date in Melbourne

In the course of a person’s lifetime, there are many firsts: The first day in school, first job, first relationship, etc. However, what gets many anxious, in most cases, is usually the first date. Often, there are too many concerns; is this the right dress, should I turn up early, should I speak about myself and so on and so forth. Getting the location right goes a long way in laying the foundation for an excellent first date.

Today, my adventure takes me to the land ‘Down Under’ – the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is a coastal city in the southeastern part of Australia and is the capital of the state of Victoria. Melbourne has been consistently ranked top as the most livable city and now the happiest city in the world. This city has a variety of spots that will surely make it a first date to remember. Here are my favorite spots.

Catch a Movie at the Cinema

Ever since the invention of the TV, watching movies has become a part of our lives. One of the best ways to enjoy each other’s company is by watching a film. A cinema offers the whole adventure with an extra twist. There are a variety of incredible cinemas in Melbourne to cater for your specific needs. Some people prefer smaller cinemas while others, large ones.

In the summer, Melbourne offers outdoor and rooftop cinemas usually held at night. What better way to have your first date than watching a movie under the stars while cuddling each other. However, for these outdoor cinemas, it is advisable to carry your blankets with you as a summer night in Melbourne can be extremely cold.

Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens

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The Royal Botanical Gardens offer a unique picnic location where you can just enjoy your date without the hustle and bustle of the city. There are beautiful sceneries, incredible landscapes, a lake, and adequate serenity for your bonding.

There is much to see and marvel over as you take a stroll in the gardens or just pick a spot and take time to be with each other and know each other. You can also have a boat ride on the lake. It usually takes about thirty minutes which is an excellent way to enjoy the exhilarating views together.

Tour the National Gallery of Victoria

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Love, art, and culture are intertwined. For your date, visiting the National Gallery of Victoria would be perfect. This is an art museum. Take your date and together admire the art exhibitions on display at the gallery. There is a collection of both local and international pieces that are on display.

For Extra Spice, Experience The Melbourne Planetarium

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Contemplate the wonders of the sky in the company of each other. The planetarium is housed in the Scienceworks Museum. It is designed to enable one view the stars in all their glory at the comfort of your seat. There is a 16 meters domed ceiling from where to observe the stars, an excellent sound system, and ultra-comfortable, reclining seats ensure you enjoy the whole experience to the fullest.

Test Your Prowess at Grape-Stomping

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Grape-stomping was a practice used in the past in winemaking. It involved barefoot people stomping grapes in a vat to release their juices and initiate the process of fermentation. Grape-stomping was practised before the introduction of presses. However, this practice is still undertaken in various parts of the world for recreation. Noisy Ritual – a winery in Melbourne allows people to participate in making wine using the process of grape-stomping. It is an excellent way to bond as you come to grips with the origins of wine-making.

Reach Out To Your Younger Selves With A Bounce Session At Bounce Inc.

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I have always envied children playing on bouncing castles. Nothing compares to the feeling of leaping in the air and landing on a cushioned surface. Well, if you are just like me, then a session at the Bounce Inc. for a date offers an incredible experience. There are giant trampolines that provide an exciting experience as you bounce on them. There is also a course designed to increase your fitness. You will be burning some few calories while you enjoy each other’s company. Ideally, it gives you an opportunity to keep fit and enjoy your relationship longer.

Enjoy Sunset at the Beach

The feeling of watching a beautiful sunset is pristine. The beach offers excellent views as you watch the waves rise in the horizon under the illumination of the setting sun. Enjoy the beauty of the universe in the company of your date.

In Conclusion
Your first date is important, and it presents an opportunity to bond with someone you like. Melbourne offers loads of options for your first date. And the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to get your perfect first date. Most of the above locations are pretty affordable and are sure to get you a second date and hopefully a long-term relationship.

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