When it comes to having a healthy sex life, the last thing you need to have is complicated sex positions that twist you or your partner into pretzels. If you happen to be a shy individual, complicated positions are even less fun because often there is a sense of unease that can really take you out of the moment. If it is your partner who is shy, it is likely that you want them to be as comfortable as possible in order for both of you to enjoy yourselves.

Even if you are rather shy, either in or out of the bedroom, there are some sexual positions that will not only allow you to both enjoy your time together but will also make it so that those feelings of bashfulness are not nearly as prevalent. While there may be plenty of positions out there to engage in sexually, these positions, in particular, are some of the best for the shy person or even couple.

Standard Missionary Position

Perhaps the thing you want the most as someone who is shy is not to have all of the attention on you when engaged in sex. When it comes to standard missionary, which is sometimes considered boring simply because of the name, this is a position that actually allows for you and your partner to not only embrace each other, but it also allows both of you to get equal attention without it being too much.

As you both have sex, the missionary position allows you both to move at your own pace. This means that it can create sensations that are ultimately thrilling for both of you. At the same time, this allows for you to maintain eye contact with each other, and even change angles for a deeper connection.

No matter how you engage in this position, this is a chance to really connect with your partner. Enjoy and forget the stereotypes that often circulate about this perfectly wonderful position.

Reverse Cowgirl

Okay, hear me out before you write this one off. While the reverse cowgirl requires one of you to be on top, which can be intimidating at times, especially when there are confidence issues, that does not mean that this is not a great position for shy people.

The reverse cowgirl position offers you both a great sexual experience. One person gets to be in the lead, while the other person still gets to be in control. The partner on top faces away from the person on their back, which can help when it becomes hard to look your partner in the eye and much like the position name implies the person on top gets to ride the one on the bottom. Overall, this is still an entirely sensual position, and yet it allows each of you to take the lead at different points.

The Side-by-Side Position

Much like the missionary is very much an intimate position the side-by-side is another chance to create even more intimacy with your partner. In this position, you are both facing the same way, which means one partner behind the other, but this time you are literally lying on your sides next to each other. This is a cozy position that allows for a lot more skin-to-skin contact, which is great for promoting intimacy and increasing the levels of stimulation you each feel.

The Face-to-Face Positions

The face-to-face position takes the idea of eye contact and intimacy to an entirely new level. In this position, you are both facing each other and you basically slide into your partner's lap, with your legs behind them and their legs cradle you. This position allows you to rock against each other and slowly build up to an orgasm together.

The Spider Position

This position is one that may not work for everyone, and yet here is a chance to enjoy a long and slow sexual encounter. While the position starts with you sitting astride your partner while facing them, you end up lying back. Once you are on your back, your partner also lays back.

At this point, you will both find your bodies in between each other’s legs, but in order to make this position work, you each bring your knees up. In this position, there is not as much movement, except for wiggling and slow gentle thrusts. This can be a more complicated position, but at the same time, it is also one that can be arousing in its simplicity and length.

No matter which position you ultimately choose, these are all options that work for people who deal with being shy or bashful. Have fun, explore, and remember that sex is about having fun and enjoying each other.

Image by tamaralvarez via Flickr