Sometimes you just want to be the person in charge of the seduction. While there is nothing wrong with having your man seduce you, at times he wants to be seduced as well.

Men have admitted that sometimes they want you to seduce them and make the first move. This is just as much of a turn on as anything else; the knowledge that you want them as much as they want you.

Even knowing that your man wants to be seduced, sometimes you need a little help figuring out what to do to get that seduction going.

While there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there about seducing your partner, men have shared what it is that they want and it is relatively straightforward really.

Although you could head to social media to get an idea of what a man wants, that can be time-consuming and even difficult because of all of the other suggestions that are out there. Instead of you having to hunt down men’s ideas for how to seduce them, we have them here.

Be Direct

If you want to seduce your man, then you need to let him know what you want. Men are not minded readers, even if we want them to be.

You might be trying to seduce your partner, but if you are too coy about your seduction, he won’t have a clue that this is what is happening. Sometimes the best approach is to be as explicit as possible.

Tell him in no uncertain terms what you want and how you want it. Seduction doesn’t have to be a tease; it can be as dirty as you or he wants it to be.

Even if you don’t want to be outright explicit, actually leading him to the bedroom by the hand is a great way to get your seduction on.

Be Physical

Touching your partner is important when it comes to seduction. If you get physical with your partner, he will know that you want to get physical.

Even a more subtle touch can be an indication that you want your man. Getting “touchy feely” can be extremely important to getting your message across that you want to get frisky.

This is especially true if you aren’t usually the overly physical type. When it comes to getting physical, kissing your man’s neck or even grabbing his leg and running your hand up and down his thigh while looking him in the eyes can be enough of a signal that you want to have some fun.

Rub against your partner and bring in the kisses and you can guarantee that he will get the message that you want to take this party to the bedroom.

Be Yourself and Be Real

Men want you to be direct with them, but it is also about being yourself. Don’t pretend to be something or someone else because playing a part isn’t as sexy as it seems at times.

Being you will often get you a lot further when it comes to seducing your man than if you tried to play off being an ice queen or even some sultry vixen.

It also helps when you verbalize what it is that you want. Be confident and tell him what you want, it will not only be a turn on for him, but it will show what you want and that you want him.

Make Eye Contact

The eyes are the window to the soul, and your eyes will tell your man so much. If you can flirt or seduce with your eyes, then you will be able to get your man into the bedroom quicker than you can blink.

Many men have said that a lingering look with a smile or even a glance towards the bedroom can tell them more than words will.

Mischievous looks will also work quite well. Undress him with your eyes and make sure he knows you plan to get down and dirty with him.

Have Fun With Your Seduction

This should be relatively obvious, but you want to have a good time when you are seducing your partner. There is no reason not to have fun when it is supposed to be about having fun and enjoying yourselves.

A man will only want to be seduced by someone who wants the seduction to happen, so make it fun for both of you.

Talk to Him

If your partner is better with verbal communication than touch or eye contact, then that is what has to happen.

There is nothing wrong with outright telling him what you want. Talking dirty can be one way to get your seduction game going or break out some wittiness laced with sexual tension.

Talking doesn’t even need to be a conversation, whisper something in his ear to let him know exactly what you want to have happened. If he isn't with you, but you want to build up the anticipation send him a text telling him exactly what you plan to do with him.

There is no wrong way to engage verbally with your partner and no matter how you do it; it will be something fun and even unexpected that he will appreciate.

*No matter what plan of action you put into place to seduce your partner make sure you are as into as he is and has a good time.

Seduction is about enjoying your time with your partner and connecting with them on more than just a sexual level.

Remember that as much as you enjoy being seduced by your partner, they want that same experience. Give them the seduction that you crave, and you will find yourselves having explosive encounters that will go well beyond the bedroom.*

Photo By Joanna Malinowska Via Freestocks