Spicing up Your Dating Life

Spicing up Your Dating Life

More often than not, suggestions for date nights are more repetitive and played out than reruns from our favorite sitcoms.

I mean, you can do dinner and a movie or go out for drinks and lounge but so many times before the romance becomes uneventful.

And let’s be honest, how many of us actually have the time or convenience to take long walks on the beach or go on a “baecation” to some wonderfully romantic backdrop while watching the sunset.

To add to the lack of spontaneity and opportuneness, who has the money for such lavish acts of passion? I promise I’m not about to drop cynicism into the love pool, but I’m being quite honest.

Dating can become lackluster if couples aren’t willing to cross over into the abnormal and spice up the routine every once in a while.

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Fortunately enough, there are tons of untapped activities couples can partake in that will leave them brimming with the passion and excitement needed to sustain their relationship.

And the best part, plenty of these activities can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Mingling through social media has found a commonplace in the Millennials dating community through our ever present smartphones.

It’s pretty easy to waste away a few hours double tapping your phone screen and sending likes and loves to someone who has caught your eye with perfect angles, great lighting, and a good filter.

It’s entirely practical nowadays to meet your significant other through positive and amusing comments in a DM (direct message).

However, not being able to put down your phone while with your partner is a definite sign of disinterest.

The goal is to be able to keep the razzle dazzle on and off the camera, right? Luckily, there is a copulationy and fun alternative to scrolling through a bunch of selfies.

Why not make pictures together by having a photo shoot. I’m not talking about anything rated R or something you could be at all ashamed of.

Still, a feather boa cascading off your shoulder and the perfect red lip couldn’t hurt. Ask your guy if he has suspenders and a pair of tailored trousers, supply the newsboy hat and be ready to hear his best British impersonations all night.

You can even make it a silly event and dress up as Penelope the Pussycat and her confused lover Pep Le Pew if it’s less intimidating.

All that matters is that the partner behind the camera and the one in front are both entertained, comfortable, and romantically stimulated.

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My second suggestion is more demure and tender-hearted. Have you ever heard of a cuddle kit? Well, it’s an adorably gratifyingly DIY project that’s intended to heighten the sweet moments and create lasting memories.

For starters, you need a basket or bin large enough to stack several different sized items in. Next, you and your partner take turns supplying the container with trinkets that you think could enhance a cuddle session and why.

For instance, I would start off with a full bodied and fruity red wine, because red wine always adds vibrancy to memories.

Next, I’d add a high-quality throw blanket because they can make the worse surfaces more comfortable, two copies of one of my favorite books or magazines to engage in intellectual banter, and finish with a small jar of Nutella, because who doesn’t love Nutella.

A beginner or younger couple cuddle kit could include items like a RomCom movie because it could lighten the mood, a bathing suit and swim trunks with a matching towel set intended for a late night swim, and a double pack of ring pops to propose going steady and being official.

There is no right or wrong way to build these kits. The key here is to listen to what the other person is looking forward to in the relationship.

My final suggestion for date diversity is for the busy body couples who are in desperate need of some rest.

I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy spas, steam baths, and saunas, and even rarer is someone who has time to enjoy the as frequently as they wish. Creating a spa date is simple.

First, stop off at your local department store and stock up on disposable facial mask that has relieved and medicated benefits.

Also, pick up a menthol or tea tree moisturizer. In the house, warm dampened towels in the microwave for 30 seconds each until you can create a pyramid stack.

Store them in a deep covered pot. Slice some citrus, mint, and cucumbers into the water to create the most refreshing detox beverage.

Make sure you save a few cucumbers to place on your eyelids because it’s just the spa-like thing to do. Lastly, fix two or three different fruit bowl, and you’re ready to go.


Dating should never be a mundane experience. After all, you could enjoy or be bored of your own company. Keep the spice in the romance flowing as long as it’s natural, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

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