Weekend means extra time. And extra time should not be wasted. Here are 7 awesome things you must try this weekend with your partner:

Making a Journal: There is nothing more beautiful than a journal with photos and memories scribbled across the pages. What if you make it from scratch? It's very simple and very satisfying. All you need is paper, cardboard, thread, and needle! You can make a travel journal or simply one about both of yours' journey till now.
TIP- Customise the front page into what both of you like best. You can paint, paste, color, glitter, draw etc. etc.

Reading Out: This is an under-rated (and now endangered) activity that every couple must try. Just imagine laying your head on your partner's lap and hearing him/her read out a beautiful piece of writing. It's so soothing. Also, it'll add a whole new level to your relationship.
TIP- Though you can read your favorite books, you can also explore new genres. Oh yes, do NOT read from PDF or any other device. Stick to the charm of pages.

Trying a Recipe: Of course, this is a cliche thing but can never get outdated. There is always a recipe that is time-consuming, finger-licking good and you have wanted to try for a long time. An extra hand is always helpful. Put on some music and get working.
TIP- Either make something that would last over days like wine or cookies. Or, make it as a gift like homemade chocolates for someone else. These would be more heart warming than a one-time dish.

Going through Old Photos: Bless the person who thought of cameras, every moment can be captured. Maybe we see hundreds of images online and click photos every day but we forget to go through ones took years back. You become nostalgic. Don't forget, time flies.
TIP- Explain each photo to your partner- your feelings, experiences, how you were back then, what you thought, what you hoped etc. It's a great way to know each other more.

Explore your Locality: This may not make sense if you've been there for years. But you can benefit a lot from going around your locality together. If you want to enjoy some alone time, go early morning or late at night. Eat out from a new shop or a street vendor. Who knows, you may find shortcuts to your daily destinations, shops you never knew existed or even a job!
TIP- Go on a bicycle and show your partner around too. Enjoy the air. Find a place with a nice view of the sunrise or sunset. You could even race your partner!

Make a Photo Frame: A room shall always look better with your favorite moments adorned on the wall. It becomes more precious when you decorate it with your hand. You can find hundreds of ideas (with tutorials) in places like youtube and Pinterest. You can also change the idea according to what you like too. Choose your best photo with him/her and frame it.
TIP- Do this to show you're serious about your partner. It says that he/she is a big part of your life now.

Star gazing: Every moment shines brighter under the stars. Plan it out according to the season. If summers, then choose something cold and sweet to have. If winters, then blankets and warm spicy food. Try to do it in a park since the feel of grass can never come on concrete. Everything for a perfect date would be set. Now all you have to do is talk and let your heart wander.
TIP- Talk about your dreams, future, what you love, what you don't. You'll discover more about your partner this way. Especially if he/she keeps walls in between.