No matter the time of year, the beaches in Tel Aviv are some of the most beautiful in the world; the Mediterranean Sea and it’s hues of blues and greens mesmerize and inspire anyone who stumbles upon it. Whether the water is too cold for you in the winter or you want to spend your entire summer day there, a beach picnic is a perfect way to enjoy a meal with friends or a significant other. Make you sure you have everything you need next time you go to the beach with these tips.

Bring Blankets

Having a picnic on the beach is great, but beware of food’s biggest nemesis: sand. To avoid getting that pesky golden dirt in your food, bring a few blankets. If you’d rather not get those sandy, a few flat bed sheets will also do the trick. Make sure you have enough to sit comfortably and set out all the treats you brought!

Main Course

Depending on the size of your group, cooking for many people may start to get expensive. However, by using pantry staples and a few fresh ingredients you can feed dozens for a dime! Especially if you have vegetarians or vegans in your group, a tomato and cucumber salad with roasted chickpeas or lemon arugula pasta are the perfect way to make sure everyone is happy. You can also add other proteins into either dish if you have a meat lovers group. Whatever you decide, your friends will be impressed by the variety and quality of your cooking!


Every picnic needs some snacks to munch on! When you're deciding what to pack, think about things that can be transported easily, and that won't melt if it's summer. Some great ideas are homemade Chex mix or chili or lime popcorn. Both choices are crunchy, delicious, and customizable to you and your company's liking.


Number one drink to bring is water and plenty of it. Regardless of the season, you have to continue to drink water throughout the day when you're in Tel Aviv. Next, glass is not allowed on the beach for obvious reasons, so before you leave, make sure you put any other drinks into plastic bottles or buy canned drinks. A really popular drink in Israel is banana and strawberry juice-if you haven't tried it, you should!

Don't Forget Utensils!

Even though you’ll be eating outside, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the luxuries of eating at home! Bring cutlery, glasses, and whatever bowls or plates you might need to serve. This is not only a way to glam up your picnic, but by not using disposable utensils you’re saving money and being eco-friendly!