It might be hard to admit, but while intimacy does happen when it comes to sex, this does not mean that it is the ultimate act of intimacy anymore.

In fact, sex doesn’t even need to be about feelings. Sex no longer requires eye contact, and for many people, sex is no longer what some consider to be a more sacred act or even an act of intimacy between partners.

Sex can be all about feeling good or even pretending for a while, but when it comes to something like a kiss, there is no real way to fake a kiss.

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Kissing is not only built on a foundation of passion but also feelings. Kissing is an act that transmits emotions. There is no way to pass off a kiss as being something more or less than what it is, a chance to convey your passion or love.

Kissing is an art form. It is a language unto itself. It is an act of intimacy that is even more intimate than sex because it is also more meaningful. When you kiss someone, you are putting all of yourself into it, even if you do it subconsciously.

There are many types of kisses, from the familiar to the friendly, to the loving and passionate. Each of these kisses conveys an emotion or even a level of intimacy that sex simply cannot.

Kissing can be about showing another person that you care about them without sex even being a part of the equation.

Sneaking a kiss to someone you love or care for out of the blue can be an incredibly special moment. Not only are you showing the other person you care, but being on the receiving end of that surprise kiss offers a rush that can be felt throughout your entire body.

Even an unexpected kiss on the cheek or the top of the head from a friend can release a rush of pleasure through your body that is hard to explain in words.

It is an endorphin rush that will leave you feeling good long after the kiss has faded. It is an act of love that is precious and sometimes hard to find.

When it comes to kissing your partner, it can happen at any time or anywhere, but there is certainly something special about lying in bed next to them and sharing kisses with each other.

This is an opportunity almost to speak another language because this is your chance to say things without using words.

Kissing while cuddled up next to the person you love is a beautiful and precious thing because it is so much more than an expression of passion, it is an intimate moment.

The reality is that kissing is about being vulnerable with someone else. There is no way to hide when you are kissing another person.

A true kiss is about sharing someone’s breath with them. Even a kiss on the cheek is a caress of breath that can leave a mark, even if that mark is unseen.

Kissing is intimacy in its rawest and purest form. When you kiss someone, you are essentially sharing the very essence of another person. You are letting the other person feel you at your most passionate and most vulnerable. You are showing your softer side to the person you are kissing, and that can be both scary and exhilarating.

Kissing indeed comes in many forms. There are so many styles and types of kisses that one might engage in –– And yet for each of these kisses, an expression of love and affection is being shared with another human being.

Whether it is soft and sweet or explorative and passionate, kisses are a truly intimate feeling of healing. They are a chance to be vulnerable with another person.

While kissing can certainly be sexual and there is no denying that a passionate kiss can lead to or be a part of a sexual encounter, it is so much more than that.

Kisses are where a person’s passion, love, and feelings are indeed exposed to the person they are sharing their emotions with.

Kissing is the intimacy that so many people crave and search for, and yet it is right there for the taking. This is your chance to breathe someone else in and only be at the moment.

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