Heartbreak can be tough. However, two apps promise to help the brokenhearted get over a breakup.

One app, Rx Breakup, helps people getting over a breakup with a mix of sympathy and therapy.The app was founded by therapist Jane Reardon and she noted how hard it is to break up in the era of social media.

"I think it’s even more difficult to break up now because social media gives you the opportunity to act on impulse, in a super secretive way," said Riordan. "And when you’re feeling terrible, you’re prey to your impulses to try to instantly dull that pain," she added. "The typical go-to is to rekindle feelings of connection to the ex. By trolling any of the social media platforms you can usually find out what they’re doing, if they’re hanging out with anyone new, etc. and revive that (false) sense of connection."

Rx Breakup helps users of the app by encouraging them to write about their feelings over a 30-day period. The app also helps people by encouraging them to take actions during the month-long process to help them during their breakups.

Mend is another app that helps people get over their exes. Former Google exec Ellen Huerta created the app and wants the "personal trainer for heartbreak" to help people recover from heartbreak with a holistic approach.

"Mend is a self-care app for heartbreak. I built Mend because it’s what I needed when I was going through a breakup in my 20s. It came out of personal need. I found myself up late at night googling advice, and the advice that I found didn’t resonate with me," said Huerta. "The original idea of Mend was building a content site, letsmend.com, where I would curate authentic stories and science-based advice. All of the data and feedback from people using that site evolved into the app."

“I created Mend because it’s what I needed when I was going through a breakup in my mid-twenties,” said Huerta. “All of the resources I found online felt cheesy and outdated, and none of them addressed the science of what’s actually happening in your brain and body during a breakup."

"Heartbreak is overwhelming and also a very isolating experience, so we work hard to make you feel less alone and break things down into manageable chunks,” added Huerta. “Sometimes even getting out of bed after a breakup is hard. Our daily check-ins and audio trainings strike a delicate balance between science, emotion, and practicality – I think that holistic approach is what Menders love about us."

Mend helps people get over their lost loves with a personal approach. An avatar named Elle checks in on a person every day. A sliding scale measures a person's emotions each day after the heartbreak. The app helps users detach from an ex with encouragement to connect with Menders online and socialize with other people in real life.

Rx Breakup and Mend are not the magic answer to curing loneliness after a breakup. However, these apps can help users avoid following their exes online and move on with their lives.