In looking for weight loss strategies, we've all gotten a little creative at times. No one really likes working out. But there's one option that's actually pleasurable… Sex!

Sex is good exercise, and burning those calories helps to shed pounds. And whether you’re grinding slowly against your partner or challenging yourself to a physically demanding position, there are so many different ways to burn calories while trying to orgasm.

The more work you put in, the more fun you get out of it. The more intense and busy your sex life is, the better the workout you’ll get. Few other home workouts are this addictive. When you make sex a part of your exercise regime, you are working hard AND smart.

Sex Burns Calories

Romance novels and porn often depict sex as a marathon event, but you don’t need to spend your entire afternoon trying to get health benefits from it. You can burn about 100 calories in a 25 minute round of intercourse. In general, men burn more calories than women. Also, the person on top burns more calories than the person on the bottom. That means if you want to intensify your workout, you can request to be on top the next time you play!

There are so many different ways to get cozy with your mate, and many of them have the indirect result of toning or weight loss. Want to work on your aerobics? Try a comfortable, sustainable position such as missionary or the spoon. Want to work on specific muscle groups? Get into a scrumptiously challenging position to work out key muscles such as your butt or abs. Don’t want to think of sex as exercise? You don’t have to. You’ll still get the benefits.

Although sex is definitely exercise, it is admittedly not the quickest way to burn calories. You can burn more calories by running, for example. Still, sex is a pleasurable and healthy addition to the way you work out, giving you a way to work on your bod while showing it off, at the same time.

Sex Helps You Feel (& Eat) Better


Your relationship with food is a major determinant of your weight. Do you have room to improve your eating habits? Having a regular sex partner can help you eat better, though maybe not in the way you might expect. It’s not because you have someone to impress now, though that can help as well for some.

Sex may help you solve bad eating habits at the root of the problem. Excessive snacking and overeating can be the result of stress. Cortisol is often called the stress chemical, and sex is effective at managing it, even in ways that other types of exercise can’t. Boosted levels of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin also help to create a reprieve. It produces a generous endorphin release, especially when you orgasm.

A person’s sexual health usually has a direct correlation with their emotional health. Often, the quantity and quality of the sex you’re having reflects how healthy you are in other aspects of your life. That includes your diet. Endorphins are natural stress relievers that work. Whenever you can, placate your snacking urges with a sexy romp with your partner.

Sex Boosts Confidence


In order to lose weight healthily and sustainably, it’s important that you achieve a holistic balance between diet, physical activity, and self-care. There is no right or wrong way to do this because your needs are unique to you.

Whatever your strategies are, when it comes down to it, permanent weight loss takes time. In the meantime, improve your happiness and self-esteem by working on your confidence: stand straighter, dress more carefully, and pamper yourself once in a while. And of course, sex helps with confidence!

When you put on your special lingerie and your partner calls you sexy, you’re sure to experience a surge in confidence. Say to yourself, “You’re right, I am sexy.” Confidence is ultimately necessary for sustainable weight loss. Working on your beach bod? Start by taking your bed bod for a spin!

Photo credit: Images: Unsplash, Pixabay

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Constante Quirino is a freelance writer and content strategist who covers topics related to intimacy and adult entertainment, working with companies including Velvet Co.