Though the years have passed and people often will choose more popular desserts over a cup of self-serve froyo today, there is no denying the power of the experience of putting together your own, beautiful cup of yogurt before indulging in it. And let’s face it: we all had our froyo phase when we treated ourselves to a trip to Yogurtland or Tutti Frutti almost every week for accomplishing the smallest of goals. Let’s take a look at the long and complicated but very much worth process of assembling this timeless dessert:

  1. Asking for sample cups: An entire wall is dedicated to flavors, and you’d be crazy to dive into the cold water and select flavors you haven’t yet tried. You must get at least two one ounce cups to adequately try the pina colada flavor, the cookies and creme, and the original tart. No, you don’t need to try the original tart flavor, as you are already very familiar with it. But it’s no secret that the sample cups also let you consume a good amount of yogurt for free.


  1. Reusing the sample cups: As I mentioned, yogurt samples are free, and any access to free yogurt should be taken full advantage of. So, even though you’ve squished and crumpled the cup as you tried one flavor, that shouldn’t stop you from filling it up again and again until it physically cannot hold anything.


  1. Choosing your flavors: There are several types of people when it comes to putting the actual yogurt you will buy into your cup. Some people fill the entire cup with one flavor. Others choose a few of their favorite flavor. But there’s always that one person who takes a little bit of every single flavor, and by the time they start eating it, their plethora of flavors are already mixing into a unique, gray colored slush. It probably tastes like the rainbow of colors that went into it.


  1. Putting the yogurt in the cup: It truly is a struggle for people like me. And I can’t explain how jealous I get when I see people perfectly swirl their yogurt as if they are employees at Pinkberry. But I, on the other hand, I end up getting little curls and straight pieces of yogurt when I press the lever on the machine. Maybe the random placement of my yogurt in my cup could pass as modern art…?


  1. Choosing your toppings: Ah, yes. Toppings come in all forms, from syrup to cereal to crushed cookies. But it's no secret what you choose says something about your personality. People who dump on rainbow sprinkles are fun, people who drizzle on syrup are elegant, and people who decide fresh fruits are boring. There’s no arguing the rules. That’s just the way it goes.


  1. Paying for the yogurt: Self-serve frozen yogurt is charged by weight, and it is relatively expensive. That’s why when you put the cup on the scale, it’s both exciting and a little nerve-wracking to see how expensive your yogurt is. Four dollars? Five dollars? Six dollars? Even when you don’t think you took that much yogurt, the scale will always surprise you.


  1. Taking a picture of social media: You didn’t ever eat that yogurt if you never posted evidence on Snapchat or Instagram. And when your cup of froyo is untouched, it’s as pretty as it will ever be. So that’s what makes this the perfect time to add it to your story.


  1. Dig in: Finally, after the seven steps of getting your froyo dessert, you can finally enjoy. Treat yourself, especially after enduring that tiring process!