Sex is like food to the human body. In our endeavors to have a good sexual life; we often seek advice from different sources including family members relatives, friends, and sex professionals. Some seek this information to save their marriages and relationships while others are just exploring their natural fantasies.

The internet has become a solution to many sex problems and queries, which is why you’re reading this right? But, horrible sex advice is everywhere, and one can only imagine the results and the outcome of misleading information on innocent lovers. For your sake, avoid the following advice:

Use Menthol Toothpaste for the Perfect Blowjob

Blowjobs, otherwise known as BJs, are not every girl’s fantasy. Unless you have a little experience (not really; let me say a lot of experience), you will be in for a rough ride. Some ninja somewhere advised ladies to use menthol toothpaste. What were they thinking?

The effect of chlorine chocking down your throat as you barely move your cheek muscles is punishment on its own. Not forgetting the burning sensation your man will experience if you go down that route.

If you are looking for the perfect way to do a BJ, use mint flavored sweets. Eat the sweet a few seconds before. The cooling sensation does the trick. For now, please let your toothpaste clean your teeth, will you?

Never Make the First Move on Man

This is an old cliché. For those born around the same time as Oprah, this cliche is very familiar, right? Back in the days, girls were taught how to bend low for men and the tips to attract the perfect husband.

Career was a thing for men while women were molded into homemakers. Therefore, the trick used to work but not anymore. Many women have bailed themselves from potential partners out of fear that they will look desperate for sex.

You see, the modern woman is more educated and ready to fight for her place in the society even among men. And so is the modern man. If he’s too slow for your pace, why not take the mantle? It doesn’t hurt to try, does it? And if he says no, it’s about time you find someone else worth your time.

Firmly Hold and Thrust His Shaft towards Your Vagina

Anyone trying to force a man’s penis into their body has probably no idea how sex is logically supposed to function. Remember you’re not dealing with a robot or a machine, that action may make a man turn off completely. And more forcing might just make him feel worthless, useless, and uncomfortable (more like a sex toy). Allow your man flex his muscles when the time is right.

Fist Twist

A top-rated magazine wrote an article about this which went viral. What followed were several trips to the ER by those who attempted the so-called “secret to amazing sex”. Do you know why? Let’s just say some men were left with scars to tell the story better.

Pee Inside The Girl To Sterilize Your Sperms

For fear of having to deal with baby mamas in future, some men are advised to pee inside the girl's vagina before you cum. They argue that the ammonia chemical in your urine will counterbalance the sperms making them infertile.

If you try this, two things might happen;

  • Severe UTI - Peeing inside the female genitals could lead to severe infections. Urine is your body’s waste product. It carries all sorts of harmful bacteria. These bacteria will have adverse effects on her
  • A baby - If your woman is ovulating, she can get pregnant. Sperms are released with semen which dilutes any chemicals present in their path as they travel to the uterus.

If you’re not ready to be a dad, use a condom. Period!

Biting the Clit

Not unless someone has requested it. Don’t bite or eat anything. More so, genitalia! And how on earth did someone come up with this idea? If you want to give her pleasure, don’t bite it; just jiggle it with your tongue. But make sure your tongue is wet enough or else you risk giving her a wound due to friction.

The Bottom Line

Unpleasant sex life can bring serious conflict in relationships to the point of even breaking marriages. If you find yourself facing a sexual crisis, always find genuine advice from relevant and trustworthy people like professional sex counselors. Avoid pedestrian advice and applying harmful tips used by pros in pornography films.

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