Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail, or even a glass of wine or beer! You know, anything celebratory.

But what are the best drinks of the summer? Where can you find them, or can you enjoy them at home?

These drinks are sure to cool you off and allow for max relaxation in the hot and fabulous upcoming months.


If this isn’t the drink of summer, nothing is. Filled with fresh lime juice, club soda, muddled mint, and rum, this drink says summer like no other. Add a fresh sprig of mint to the top and that’s it, you’re ready for the sweetest and most delicious mixer of the summer.

With such easy ingredients, you could mix these up at home in no time. But who wants to do dishes? Go out to your nearest and favorite spot, complete with outdoor seating, and grab a couple of these great drinks while soaking up the summer sun. Yum!


Moscato is a light, carbonated, sweet wine that is great for dessert, with dessert, or just as a delicious drink. There are so many delicious varieties of this wine that you are sure to find one you love.

As with most sweet wines, some are sweeter than others. The flavors vary as well and you can have a Moscato with pear, peach, blueberry, or strawberry undertones. The flavor is up to you, just give it a try, and find your favorite! (Mine is a pear based Moscato called Saracco. So good.)

Oh, and for all you “pretty” Moscato lovers out there, Pink Moscato is for you! This recent-ish release is popular not only for its sweet taste, but also its beautiful pink hue. Try it today!


If pink is the color of your life (and your wine), Rose is the newest throwback you need back in your life. You see, this wine has been making a comeback, and the people love it.

Rose is not as sweet as a Moscato but just as yummy. It’s perfect as a sipper wine for your back porch or to bring as a shareable for your next barbeque.

Feeling extra hot and wanting something icy, and boozy? Frose is it! Yes, along with its sudden relaunch, it got a reboot and was upgraded to frozen Rose, or Frose as it is called. That’s right. You can have your pink wine and enjoy it as an alcoholic slushy. What a delight!


Want an all around delicious drink that includes wine, fruit juice, maybe some booze, and some real life pieces of boozed up fruit? Sangria will be your new go to.

There are both red and white sangrias, (and some new versions that will be sure to pop up this summer,) and they are all delicious.

Want to make it yourself? For red, start with a red wine, grape or white grape juice and add fruits of choice, including apples, strawberries, and grapes. Add some lemon or lime juice and mix together. Let chill and taste. Add more juice for a sweeter sangria and more red wine for a more wine-y sangria.

White sangria uses the same idea, but make sure to use a white wine and a clear juice. Add the same fruits for color and flavor. No matter how you make it, you will love it.


And if you love beer, have no fear! There are tons of beers that are summer flavored and popular for the season. Plus, more come out every year! For a light and citrus-filled summer beer, shandys are great.

Blue Moon with a slice of orange is another great choice. This wheat ale is light and sold nationwide, so no matter where you are, if you’re in the US, you can get your hands on it.

With all these drinks to try and enjoy, your summer will be just as delicious as they are. What is your favorite summer drink? Share it with friends and have a great time doing it!

Image Credit: Unsplash