Trips to Give as a Perfect Gift This Holiday

Trips to Give as a Perfect Gift This Holiday

While trinkets and goodies are always fun, there’s no greater gift than an experience. Long after a dress has gone out of style, or a gadget stops working, memories of a great experience will linger in your mind. Don’t get bogged down wondering what to get the special people in your life. Instead, start looking into the perfect trips to gift this holiday season.

Whether you plan to go on the trip with them, or want to send a loved one off on their own adventure, giving the gift of a trip is a guaranteed way to show them you care. From small trips to big trips, there’s something for everyone.

For Your Newlywed Sibling

A night in a fancy hotel near they’re home is the perfect trip to gift. Anyone who’s ever been to a wedding has an idea of just how much work they take. Even after the honeymoon is over the happy couple’s reeling from it all. Chances are they won’t have the budget to plan for a trip anytime soon. So do it for them! Give them a night at a nice hotel not too far from their house. That way it doesn’t require time off from work. Just allows them to feel like they get to get away for a bit. Might even remind them of the bliss of their honeymoon.

For Your Animal Loving Cousin

A trip to the local zoo is sure to be a delightful trip to gift. If you really love them send them to the San Diego Zoo – named Travel Channel’s best zoo in America! Not only does the San Diego Zoo have over 4,000 animals roaming its grounds but it has several plant species as well. So many in fact, it’s been dubbed a botanical garden. Your cousin will be filled with glee as they look at lions, not through glass windows, but on the other side of their path – just a few feet away.

For That Special Someone

Skip Hawaii, the cliché island for romance and find love with your partner on Pulau Perhentian Besar Island in Malaysia. Some may say that Redang has better beaches but that’s just not true. Besides, they’re also well-known as a trap. A resort trap that is. For more adventure and just as beautiful of beaches, Perhentian Island is the perfect trip to gift. Recognized as one of the best places for scuba diving in the world and very budget friendly. Perhentian Island gives Koh Tao of Thailand a run for its money as the cheapest place to scuba! If that’s not enough to sell you on the island, there’s the local culture to experience, and the rainforests to hike in. And if you really need a big city, spend a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur. A city as grand as Singapore for a quarter of the cost!

For A Backpacking Best Buddy

A trip to Sedona will surely blow their minds. Not only is it surrounded by beautiful red-rock buttes but it also offers loads of hiking through the canyons and forest. If that’s not enough to make this destination the perfect trip to gift, the art scene is sure to win your friend over.

For Your Parents

Send them to a bed and breakfast in your local wine country. Don’t have a local wine country? Perfect, that makes this gifted trip even bigger! Alright, if that’s not an option pick a bed and breakfast with a great wine selection in a cozy forest or beach setting. The goal is to send them somewhere with a beautiful backdrop and light activity to keep them entertained. Good food and drinks are always a must!

For Your Boss

Send them anywhere! The farther, the better! We’re just playing around. You should never worry about buying presents for your boss! You always buy down or across the table—never up when it comes to gifts for co-workers.

What trips are you secretly hoping someone will get you this season?