5 Special Ideas to Give Your SO for Valentine's Day

5 Special Ideas to Give Your SO for Valentine's Day

You and your significant other have something special. You really do (who cares what your mom thinks)! As Valentine’s Day approaches, you need to honor your unparalleled bond with a gift that’s just as precious. 

Whether you make your day extra lovely with an unforgettable experience or stun your SO with an out-of-the-box gesture, check out these ideas to get those lovesick wheels turning!

#1 Something Functional

If your partner is more practical than pour-your-heart out, get them a Valentine’s Day gift that they can actually use, like:

  • A trendy weekender bag for all their jet-setting, travel-loving needs
  • High-quality boxing gloves that pack an extra punch
  • An Essential oil diffuser to soothe your bae after a long day
  • An insulated water bottle that’s as durable as it is cute

#2 The Classic: Flowers and Chocolates

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is the most obvious one. Charm your deserving SO with gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers, a thoughtful card, and, of course, a box of chocolates (save us some—the caramel ones, preferably).

#3 Plan an Experience

While not everyone’s idea of romance is standing outside one’s window holding a boombox in the air, there’s no doubt your SO will appreciate a well-planned gesture on Valentine’s Day. 

Marinating a delicious steak is great for a night in, but what if you went on an adventure? Thinking of a run-of-the-mill candle-lit dinner? How about cave-diving! Here are some experiences to blow away your SO:

  • A daring rock-climbing adventure at the nearest national park.
  • For an unorthodox experience, take your SO axe-throwing (it’s legitimately one of the most fun things you can do). Bonus points if you come in a Paul Bunyan and Babe couple’s costume. 
  • Take them to a quirky silent disco at the beach! Depending on restrictions in your area, you can find one that is socially distanced and safe. 
  • Pick up some tickets to a drive-in movie in a charming Valentine’s-themed envelope. Bonus points if the movie is a romance. Double bonus points if you pick your significant other up in a vintage convertible (we know that one’s hard to do—but, hey, we never said getting double bonus points was easy. We make the rules! Ha!). 

#4 That Wardrobe Staple They’ve Been Ogling

Do you ever notice your SO’s eyes fixate on a certain pair of shoes advertised on Instagram? Do you ever watch their gaze linger on the jeans in a window display for a bit too long? Put that Sherlock-Holmes-level of observation to use and show them how thoughtful you are by giving them that very item for Valentine’s Day. 

#5 A Plant They Can Actually Handle

Sometimes, giving people plants is a sweet gesture that sours quickly—not everyone will appreciate a gift that they have to actively care for. However, it’s hard to resist the relaxing, anxiety-fighting allure of lush greenery as a gift. 

Meet the best of both worlds—a beautiful plant that practically waters itself! Enter: the succulent garden. For an extra bit of charm, pick out a beautiful pot to house your SO’s new plant baby!

Good Gifts, Good Company No matter what you get your SO, the most important Valentine’s Day treat is already in your possession: your heart (awww). So, strap on your most dazzling smile, straighten up that posture, and enter the day with confidence—we’re sure you’ll have a lovely time (vintage car and double bonus points notwithstanding). 

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