Why Wellness Retreats Are the Best Way for Women to Travel Alone

Why Wellness Retreats Are the Best Way for Women to Travel Alone

Every solo traveler knows that traveling in a party of one can be an exhilarating, educational experience, where you learn as much about yourself as you do the world around you. But they also know that traveling alone can have its scary drawbacks, especially as a woman traveling alone.

The notion of being alone and vulnerable in this (oftentimes scary) world of ours is enough to make most people forgo the notion of solo travel – and, honestly, we get that.

You hear enough horror stories to make you want to lock your door, crawl under your covers, and never leave your home again. We get it.

But before you wave away the idea of solo travel with excuses like, “That’s not for me” or “I’m too nervous,” consider this compromise: wellness retreats.

For the uninitiated, wellness retreats are health centers that can be found all over the world. They typically focus on improving your well-being through healthy eats, exciting excursions, cultural exposure, and theraputic treatments. Some are very specific (like yoga retreats, which you may have heard of), but each one has the same bottom line – to provide you with some inward reflection.

Does that sound amazing or what? If we’ve yet to completely convince you, here are a few reasons why you should use retreats to see the world.

1. Safety

Let’s face it, the biggest fear solo travelers typically have is their safety. Being alone in an unknown place can make you feel extremely vulnerable – probably because you are.

We hate to sound all doom and gloom, but the world is a messed up place! Travelers, especially solo travelers, are often the target of scams or much worse.

But a wellness retreat eases some of that fear. You have a safe, secure place to stay and a group of people that will be aware if something seems off.

On the other hand, most retreats will allow you the freedom to go out and explore the area! It is truly the best of both worlds.

2. New Experiences

Not only are you in an exciting new place, but the retreat itself is bound to provide you with some new experiences. Fun excursions are often planned through the retreat, and they’re not some hokey tour you would get off a cruise ship.

Think more along the lines of hiking through Icelandic trails, doing yoga on the edges of the Grand Canyon, or wandering through the farmers market of Savannah.

Now that’s how to travel.

3. Learn About Yourself

When you’re thrown out into the wide world, forced to make your own way and be on your own for a while, you’re bound to discover some nuggets about yourself. Maybe you’ll discover that you thrive on your own or maybe you’ll find you love where you live and would never want to move!

Now, picture those internal discoveries unearthed through solo travel and imagine how much more incredible they would be with a little guidance.

That is exactly what wellness retreats are for! Through theraputic activities like meditation, reiki, and manifestation, retreat leaders are there to aide travelers as they connect with themselves on a deeper level.

4. Unwind

Through these theraputic techniques, you may do more than learn about yourself. You might just – GASP! – relax a little bit.

You better believe that no hotel or airbnb is going to be as serene as a wellness retreat. With access to spa treatments, views of nature, and activities aimed to mend your mental health, a trip to a far-away retreat is enough to chill out even the most stressed professional.

5. New Friends

If you’re rearing to travel alone, you’re likely excited to meet new people! Consider how well you would hit it off with people also staying at a wellness retreat, people who also wanted to travel alone and stay somewhere that would be so much more than your run-of-the-mill hotel.

You could say it’s likely you will all be cut from the same mold. Best of all, you may make some friends that you can go exploring with!

6. Travel

Of course, the best part about wellness retreats is that they ultimately serve your main purpose: to travel. While the retreat may offer a safe, convenient environment where you can find some inner peace, it most importantly provides a secure home base to explore from.

Don’t assume that you “can’t travel alone.” Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s a risk. But wellness retreats provide the perfect opportunity to stay safe on all your adventures – both internal and external.