Think about a relaxing night at home. Does it include a glass of wine in front of a fire or while taking a bath? Wine is a very multi-purpose adult beverage. It can help you unwind after a stressful day, act as the perfect companion to your meal, and even refresh us as we spend time with friends.

Perhaps the most refreshing wines are those that are flavored with different fruits, such as strawberry, blueberry, and mango, among so many others. While we have most likely all of heard of and tried Arbor Mist's fruit-flavored wines, did you know that there are so many other options out there?

Fruit wines are more than just a way to drink wine if you're not the typical connoisseur, they are also a great choice as a dessert wine, and even as a relaxing treat on girls night.

While there are many reasons why you might want to start incorporating fruit-flavored wines into your plans, here are some options that will have you reaching for the blueberry and cherry wines over some of the more traditional choices out there.

Blueberry Wine

Blueberry wines are great for people looking for something that is not nearly as dry as the regular Cabernets and Merlots. In fact, these wines are more for the sweet wine drinkers, who aren't necessarily looking to make a statement with their pairings.

The joy of blueberry wine is what you can pair it with. One recommendation that I hear quite often is cheesecake (and it really is a perfect compliment). Blueberry wines are perfect for enjoying with nuts and cheeses, as well as desserts, which is why the cheesecake pairing tends to work out so well.

Typically bottles of blueberry wine are not too expensive, and some brands even offer varieties that fall under $10. While some might worry that price point is a reflection of taste, this is simply not the case, and often these inexpensive wines are some of the best.

Strawberry Wine

Yes, strawberry wine is really a thing. While it may not seem very common, there are some places that do make an excellent strawberry wine, which is not cut with any other fruit.

It is important to note that strawberry wines are often quite sweet, not only because of the fruit itself but also because of the added sugar that is incorporated during production.

The sweetness of strawberry wines makes it a great dessert wine. Not only can it be used as a dessert itself, but it can even be included in recipes for an added layer of flavor. As Love to Know reported, there are a few great options for finding a good strawberry wine, including one vineyard in New Jersey which makes a number of interesting wine flavors, including an apple wine.

Cranberry Wine

Cranberry wine is a very unique and refreshing choice of wine. Due to the nature of fresh cranberries, a cranberry wine is typically tangy and crisp, while also being tart and sweet. Think of it is a perfect addition to the Fall.

Cranberry wines are typically not as sweet as other fruit-flavored wines, which means they can be paired with a wider variety of offerings. These wines can also be used to make things like salad dressings and even as a mixer for other drinks. Much like cranberry juice is often a refreshing drink in the morning, cranberry wine can be a perfect addition to a brunch cocktail.

Perhaps it is the nostalgia of Thanksgiving and homemade cranberry sauce, but this is a wine that is especially perfect for the holidays. Of course, it can be enjoyed year round, but you can't tell me that a sip of this won't transport you home to Thanksgiving dinner.

Blackberry Wine

Again, much like strawberry wines, blackberry wine is rather sweet. It still makes an excellent dessert wine and can be nicely paired with cheese and nuts.

This is a wine that seems perfect for summer and with its rich, bold flavor, it will definitely become a household favorite (if you love sweet wines that is).

Cherry Wine

Just like cherries themselves, this wine is both tart and sweet. Cherry wines are perfect for cherry lovers who want something that can pair just as well with your pork chop meal as it can with your dessert.

Cherry wine is truly a versatile fruit wine, as it can be used as a mealtime refreshment or an accompaniment to dessert. Whether you pair it with chocolate (and who doesn't love a good chocolate and cherry dessert) or a meal, this is a great go-to wine for people who want to try something new but are also looking to get that tart bite that many wine lovers appreciate.

Mango Wine

Once again, mango wine is actually a thing. While it may not be as common as some of the other fruit wines, this is still a great wine for both dinner and dessert.

Of course, you will want to properly pair this particular wine or else the meal might not go the way you expected. This is still a sweet wine, so you won't necessarily want to pair this with a chicken dish or your grandma's famous meatballs.

Mango wines are certainly a great dessert option, although they are more of a standalone dessert choice (as in drink it as your dessert), but perhaps the most delicious pairing is with beef. Think about a spicy steak and a mango wine, and feel your mouth start to water.

Fruit wines might not be your first choice if you are partial to dry wines or not that adventurous. But if you decide to give any of these a try, you may just find yourself with a new favorite in the fridge.

Image Credit: Pixabay