When you think about lingerie, your first thought might be about seduction or doing something different for a special occasion, like an anniversary or birthday. However, there is so much more to lingerie than sex or seduction. In fact, lingerie can be seen as an amazing mood-enhancer that changes the way you perceive yourself.

Often we buy lingerie as a way to seduce our partner, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with that, what about seducing ourselves. There is something empowering about wearing a sexy pair of underwear under leggings or jeans, and it has nothing to do with anyone else, but ourselves.

Although we want to look our best when we are dating, especially at the start of a relationship, we can also try to make ourselves feel sexy even when we are single. Lingerie has a way of boosting a person’s confidence and even self-esteem because there really is a sense of empowerment that comes from knowing that no matter what you are wearing out in public, underneath is a hidden treasure of sensuality.

Confidence can be a tricky thing as a woman. Even when we have a great body, we often see flaws in ourselves that others do not. And for women who maybe don’t have the “perfect body,” things can be even worse because we see so many things that remind us what is wrong or needs to be “fixed.” Unfortunately, this is something that society has ingrained in us through fashion advertisements that seem to show the world what is said to be the perfect body. As Healthy Way reports, it can be difficult to accept one’s body and have a positive body image, but it is all about how we deal with the negative thoughts a person has that is truly important.

Body positivity is important, and even women who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin can turn things around by changing the way they look at themselves. It can be as easy as putting on some sexy lingerie under sweatpants. While no one else might know what is underneath those sweats, you know… and that is truly a powerful thing.

Wearing lingerie can be an act of self-care, just as much as it is an act of seduction. Even if no one else sees the sexy lace or silky satin that you have underneath your clothes, this is all about you and how you feel. Although you may not think of lingerie as an act of self-care, remember that it is something you are doing for yourself to boost your mood, feel better about yourself, and even remind yourself that you are a goddess.

Plus, when it comes to acts of self-care, no one can tell you that you can’t wear something lacy or sexy under your clothes, because it is not for them. While some people may call this a selfish thought process, the reality is that it is not selfish, it is self-care.

Think about lingerie as your way of expressing your sexuality without having to share it with the world. The endorphins alone are enough to boost your mood, even on a day that seems too difficult to handle. For many women, lingerie is like a power move of sorts, and that is something every woman can appreciate.

Of course, there is also nothing wrong with wearing lingerie in order to seduce your partner. Lingerie is like the perfect multi-purpose tool. Not only can it help you with your confidence and mood, but it can also work as a great act of seduction. So whether you are single or not, sexy lingerie can be a perfect addition to your everyday routine.

There are many options and styles when it comes to lingerie, so it is up to you to find what works best and makes you feel good. Think about not only looking and feeling sexy but also what you are comfortable in. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you choose as far as the perfect pieces of lingerie. Whether you choose to add sexy chemises or stick to bras and panties that are fun and flirty, there are plenty of opportunities to make your lingerie your very own.

Image Credit: Pixabay