If summer isn’t the time for road trips, I don’t know when is! The weather is great, the sights are open, and it’s the best time to get out and about.

There are some tips and tricks to being on the road that will make your trip flip and not flop. Take it from me, I literally live on the road. Live it, learn it, comes into play real quick, and here’s what I’ve learned.

Road Trip Neccesities



You have to bring snacks on a road trip, it’s a rule. The best snacks are things you love and will want to eat in the car. For me, it’s pre-prepped fruits and vegetables, gluten-free crackers and pretzels, lots of water, nuts, and Lara Bars. Haven’t had them yet? Try them. Lara Bars will change your life for the better! (They are delicious and uber healthy. Plus, they are only made of fruit and nuts, win-win.)

Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, and a Box of Tissue

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Have all three, just trust me, you will want them. Tissue because sneezing and allergies (anyone else?), paper towel because spills and insta-napkins, and to wipe everything down, and toilet paper to wipe yourself. (What? My hubby likes the soft stuff.) You can easily fit these into a reusable bag or a plastic store bag and they will totally get used. Just watch and see.

Prep For Your Road Trip

Check Your Vehicle

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Nothing crazy, don’t go spending all your fun money on the car, just generals. For instance, unless you just got an oil change, go get one. Have them check your filters, and maybe even your tires. (Or you could do this yourself, easy and quick and you should have a tire gauge in your car anyways, for the trip, or really always.) And whether or not you get your car cleaned, that’s up to you. It will get dirty. Like buggy, road debris, dirt, sand, maybe even salt, dirty. So you can wash it now, or you can wait and wash it when you get back. But either way, you’re going to have to wash it when you get back.

Bring a First Aid Kit

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You can go to the store and buy one. You can also go to the store and buy the stuff to make your own. Anyone up for a DIY project before their trip, anyone? The ones from the store, depending on which you get, will have bandages of various sizes, wound salve, antiseptic wipes, and adhesive tape, to start. You can add personal touches to yours, depending on your needs and those who are with you. I added various essential oil blends, benadryl, my inhaler (I have asthma but haven’t used my inhaler in years,) and ibuprofen to mine.

Take Your ID and paperwork

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This seems like a given, but just check and make sure you have it. You will want to have your ID, your insurance card, and maybe even a medical history report. A little extreme? Maybe. But depending on the length of your trip and your health needs, it is very important.

All these rules and isn’t a road trip supposed to be fun? Yes! But at least consider these tips because they have been used and learned by me, and I can tell you, they will help you out and make for smooth sailing, well, smooth driving anyhow. Happy travels!