There's nothing like watching an addictive youtuber make a meal right before your eyes. It's a beautiful thing, really. You don't even need to step away from your laptop to experience the process of being in a picture perfect kitchen with perfectly measured out ingredients in glass bowls, creating concoctions that you know you'd butcher if you ever tried to.

When they take a bite out of the meal they made at the end of the video, it's almost like you can taste it too. If you love to watch cooking videos during breaks from your busy schedule, then you've come to the right place. You may like to watch the creation of main courses, smoothies, or deserts. Luckily, the youtube community is versatile enough to have something that fits everybody's taste.

If you like to watch healthy food videos

Honeysuckle is the youtuber for you. Like the flower, this youtube channel is pleasant and beautifully put together. She makes the most delicious looking meals with healthy ingredients for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Overnight oats, clam chowder, banana name it, she's got it.

Not to mention that her filming is top notch, her kitchen is flawless, and her bubbly attitude will brighten each and every day of yours. Her meals always look aesthetically pleasing when fully assembled, and her videos never seem tacky. If you want to be hooked on a quality youtuber, check out Honeysuckle.

If you like to live on the wild side

Krist Soup is different from most, let me tell you that. If you've always had a passion for japanese candy, which is very different from candy in the United States, or weird twists of conventional meals, Krist Soup is for you. You can watch her try every flavored kit kat on the spectrum, take on diets such as the clear and black food diets, or make pasta in the shape of knit sweaters. Her kawaii charm shines through each and every one of her videos, making every 5 minute period watching her give you the same satisfaction as a freshly wrapped piece of candy.

If you have a few minutes on your hand

We all have places to go, classes to attend, homework to do, etc., so when we do get a moment to fully let go and fall back on our bed for a few minutes, we might as well make good use of it. Buzzfeed's Tasty has videos that can be completed in just one or two minutes but give you the satisfaction of experiencing an entire meal being made- and tasting it, too.

If you're interested in seeing remixes of conventional American snacks and dishes- usually involving stuffing things with cheese or coating things in batter and breadcrumbs before frying them, then Tasty will give you more contentment than you could have ever expected to receive in one or two minutes.

These are just a few of the many, many channels out there that all deserve immediate attention if you enjoy watching food being made more than making it yourself.