We’ve written before about the magic of traveling with your significant other, and even done a previous post on cities you should visit together in Europe. Seeing a number of incredible cities in one fairly compact continent actually isn’t the most difficult proposition. It can certainly get expensive, but a few train rides can go a long way.

Visiting islands around the world together is a little more ambitious. But if you like exotic getaways (and really, who doesn’t?) a list like this can give you something to shoot for.

These are the 10 best couple holiday destinations I would point you toward:

10. Moorea, French Polynesia


As far as French Polynesia goes, places like Tahiti and Bora Bora get most of the attention. That’s certainly justified, but Moorea (sometimes written as Mo’orea) deserves more mentions itself. It’s a heart-stoppingly beautiful island blending rocky volcanic islands with idyllic, sandy beaches. Should you and your significant other get a chance to swim or boat together through Opunohu Bay, you’ll never forget it.

9. Palawan, Philippines


Palawan has become a relatively popular romantic getaway, both a beautiful escape and a nice place for more active couples to explore. You can go scuba diving, climb seaside cliffs, boat through an underground river, and go on long, soaring hikes. Not a bad array of activities for couples who like a faster-paced vacation.

8. Seychelles


Seychelles is commonly cited as one of the world’s most beautiful island destinations, and is known for lush green landscapes and blindingly white beaches. This is a place to go with your partner simply to lay out on the sand and relax, or go swimming (or diving) in the crystal-clear water. Though you can also enjoy some spirited nights together. One guide to Seychelles specifically for couples pointed out that you can learn the Moutia – a traditional dance conducted around a campfire.

7. Maui, United States


Maui just has a little bit of everything. The most popular island in the incredible state of Hawaii, it’s a place where you can hang out on the beach, go scuba diving, try watersports like kiteboarding or surfing, eat terrific seafood, and enjoy top-notch amenities from world-class resorts. More active couples may also enjoy hiking up volcanoes and exploring the inner island a little bit also.

6. Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is a little different than most of these choices. It’s larger and in some ways more developed, known for its colonial towns and major resorts. Even so, there’s no loss of romance however. In fact, one of the aforementioned resorts was recently included as a perfect wedding destination in a piece about casino resorts for romance. Ultimately, the D.R. has something for everyone. Whether you and your significant other are looking for pretty beaches, luxurious hotels, or cultural island towns, you’ll find it all here.

5. Santorini, Greece


Santorini has a reputation as one of the world’s most attractive islands, and yet it’s quite unlike the standard visual of a perfect island. Much of Santorini consists of bone-white buildings with bright blue roofs, built onto the top of a small cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This is a place to go with the love of your life and sit on outdoor patios eating local desserts and sipping wine.

4. Fraser Island, Australia


Fraser Island doesn’t come up on too many lists like this because most people who go merely stop by while touring Australia. But I’d argue this cozy little island just off the West Coast of Australia is worth its own trip. There are places to stay on the island, and there’s plenty to do there without ever going back to the mainland. Truth be told there’s one attraction leading me to include Fraser Island as one of the most beautiful islands you should visit with your partner: Lake McKenzie. It’s a picture-perfect lake with water so pure most creatures can’t even live in it. Hanging out on the sandy shore and swimming in this lake should be unforgettable.

3. Mallorca, Spain


Mallorca might be best known these days as the birthplace and home of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. But putting aside its resident celebrity, it’s beautiful Mediterranean island that strikes a perfect balance of resorts and local culture. You can spend most of your trip lounging on beaches and enjoying luxury amenities, but break things up by exploring the old towns and looking at ancient remains of Moorish occupation.

2. Fiji


It almost feels like cheating to put Fiji on the list, because if you asked everyone you knew to name the top island paradises that came to mind, most would probably list Fiji at some point. It’s just the very image of a flawless tropical destination, even if the “island,” as it is commonly called, is technically an archipelago featuring literally hundreds of tiny islands.

1. St. Lucia


This is a fairly loose ranking. That is to say, I don’t actually think Fiji or Mallorca is significantly “better” in any way than Palawan or Moorea. A lot of it just comes down to personal preference and the kind of vacation you and your partner are looking for. However, it’s hard to put anything other than St. Lucia in the top spot. It’s generally regarded as one of the best spots in the Caribbean (which is saying something) and Budget Travel ranked it as the top romantic destination on the planet. The only further advertisement I can give it is to say that a week in a resort here makes you feel like nothing will ever go wrong again.