10 Best West African Foods

10 Best West African Foods

The region of West Africa has delicious food that will please diners around the world.The countries of West Africa have some of the most delectable food in the world. Here are some foods that diners will love.

1. Liberia- Jollof Rice

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Jollof rice is a must-have West African food. This rice is like an African cousin to jambalaya, with spices, seafood, and tomato paste being the main ingredients in this delicious meal. It’s become so popular around the world that even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has copied the recipe in one of his cookbooks. Jollof rice is the perfect West African meal that’s usually eaten on Liberian holidays.

2. Nigeria -Puff-Puff

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Puff-puff is another West African staple that’s similar to American food. The deep fried dough is a West African version of southern hush puppies. Puff-puff can be made with banana filling and is a great snack.

3. Liberia- Eddoe Soup

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Eddoe soup is a meal that many West African families gather to eat for dinner. The soup is made with eddoe, a vegetable that’s similar to cassava. Seasonings and fish can be added to the soup for extra flavor.

4. Ghana- Fufu and Cassava Leaf

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These two foods are often paired together during a meal. Fufu is a pounded starched yam that is a favorite food of Idris Elba so that’s reason enough to try the dish. Fufu is often eaten with cassava leaf rice, a popular kind of greens.

5. Cape Verde- Cachupa

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This stew is the official food of Cape Verde. The dish is made with corn, cassava, and fish. Sweet potatoes can be substituted for a vegan option.

6. Ghana- Waakkye

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This breakfast food is very popular in Ghana. The meal can be made with beans, rice, plantains, and even spaghetti if you want an American twist.


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This Cameroonian favorite is made with bitter leaf greens that have to be cooked many times to make the food more palatable. The greens are then mixed with stewed nuts, spices, and beef.

8. Nigeria-Egusi Soup

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This is another stew that’s popular in West Africa. The soup is made with melon seeds and vegetables.

9. Nigeria- Moin Moin

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This bread pudding is a treat in Nigeria. This side dish is made with beans, black-eyed peas, and peppers.

10. Ghana- Nkatenkwan

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Nkatenkwan may be hard to pronounce but is easy to enjoy. This peanut stew is a staple of Ghanaian cuisine. The meal is made with palm oil, garlic, and chili peppers. Add fish or rice to add more flavor to the dish.