Proud of your baby bump? You have all the reasons to be. We have these 10 foods that Pregnant Women Should Eat. Take Your Pick!

You are what you eat. It doesn’t really matter that much before when it was just “me.” Now that I am aware of this precious little being inside my womb, everything’s changed.

It’s now my priority to eat healthy food and be fit. I’ll do anything for my baby. So, I came up with these “10 Foods Pregnant Women should eat” idea.

These are my favorite foods when I was pregnant while keeping up with my busy routine.

Promise, you will love it!

Eating the right foods when you are expecting is essential for you and your baby. What benefits can you get from it?

•  The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you get from it will keep you and the infant strong.
• Getting rid of your weight gain would be easy.    
• It prevents the risk of gestational diabetes.
• It assures healthy fetal development and avoids low birth weight.

The finest balanced nourishment for pregnant women must consist of protein, carbohydrates healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals. I may not find all of them in one place but I grabbed all the chances I got.

1. Lean Meat

Go ahead, help yourself with your favorite beef, pork and chicken recipes. I get my protein, iron, and choline needs from this variety of lean meat. Choose cuts with the least fat.

• It is rich in Iron that decreases the risk of anemia preventing the risk of premature delivery.
• It is rich in protein that alleviates blood sugar.
• It aids in the development of the fetus’ brain.

2. Dark leafy greens

If you’re not fond of greens, at least pick those that you can eat. There are certain recipes that make greens unbelievably delicious. You can even mix them with your favorite smoothies.
Dark leafy greens provide antioxidants, fiber, Vitamins C and K, Calcium, Iron Potassium, and Folate.
• Boosts the immune system
• Prevents constipation
• Promotes easy digestion
• Lessens the possibility of low birth weight
• Vital to the development of baby’s brain

3. Dairy products

My most common source of calcium are eggs, milk, and cheese. Of all the 10 foods pregnant women should eat, these are not hard to pick since I normally eat them even before.
I used to drink the milk that is made for pregnant women. Try to check in the grocery which flavor you prefer. Dairy products are rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B.
• Best for digestive health
• Reduces pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia

4. Legumes

Per the study, pregnant women need folate. Yet, not all have enough during pregnancy. Legumes are boasted to have high-content of fiber and folate. It also gives protein, iron, calcium and vitamin B.
Legumes for me are best served as soup, especially on cold days.
• Decrease the danger of neural tube deficiencies and low birth weight.

5. Fresh Salmon

There are so many ways you can enjoy salmon. My favorite is the smoked method. The delicious aroma makes it so irresistible to me.

Salmons can offer Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for the body. If salmon is scarce, sardines, herring, and oysters can be a choice too.
• Help absorb fat-soluble vitamins
• Vital for the development of the fetus’ eyes
• Lessens the danger of prenatal depression

6. Different kinds of Fruits and vegetables

Colorful fruits and vegetables contain a variety of nutrients. Do you know that each color offers various vitamins and minerals? Avocado is one fruit that contains numerous benefits. In the “10 Foods, Pregnant Women should eat” list, this is the yummiest.
You can get folate, potassium, vitamin c and B6 from avocados. It may have high a content of fat and calories, but it is not the harmful kind. I prefer to eat avocados mixed in salads.
• Gives relief to morning sickness
• Aids in the development of baby’s tissues and brain
• Provides flavor in nourishment

7. Whole Grains

Pregnancy greatly demands intake of calorie-rich food like oats and brown rice. You need it the most during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. There’s a lot of dear favorites like cookies, cakes, and muffins!
Whole grains are packed with fiber, magnesium, vitamins, and protein.
• Eliminates constipation
• Lessens the feeling of nausea

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are great for the supplement of Vitamin A and fiber.
Beta-carotene is important for development. Beta-carotene is transformed to vitamin A.
When you are pregnant, it is best that you increase your Vitamin intake for the sake of the baby.
Steamed and barbecued are the popular way of cooking sweet potatoes.
• Strengthens the  Digestive System
• Regulates blood sugar
• Eliminates constipation

9. Berries

Some berries are hard to get. However, if you’re lucky to have some nearby, it is best for giving you Vitamin C, good carbs, and fiber.
• Aids the body absorb iron
• Offers healthy skin
• Boosts the immune system

10. Dried Fruits

Well, dried fruits are delicious. It can be bought for snacks and is handy. So if you’re looking for food that you can easily enjoy and healthy at the same time, this is it.
A single dried fruit can give all the nutrients a fresh fruit provides for you, less the water. They are rich in fiber, potassium, sorbitol and vitamin K.
• Relief of constipation
• Helps cervical dilation

Getting pregnant is a blessing. I am always thankful for the opportunity given to me in becoming a mother. Eating the right food when you are expecting is one of the greatest gifts you can give for yourself and the baby.

To all who are hoping to become a mother someday, make these 10 foods for pregnant women as your priority. If you think this article is helpful to you, please feel free to share!

Article contributed by Sarah, founder of She loves sharing tips and tricks learned from raising her own family, helping parents raise their children healthily while enjoying. You can follow her on Twitter at @SarahsLovelyFam