10 Late Night Date Ideas

10 Late Night Date Ideas

Maybe you’re not ready to end your night after your dinner date maybe you’re itching to spend time together, but you’re both not free until late evening, or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship, and you’re just looking for a late night outing after a long day.

If you’re looking for some options for what to do for a late night date, look no further.

Here are ten late night date ideas that are pretty affordable that you and your SO can do together.

1. Movie Night

You can go to a movie at the local theatre for a late night show or watch a couple of movies at your house.

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A movie is a classic date idea that makes for an easy conversation topic. Find a movie date boring? Set up a projector screen in your backyard or head to a drive-in theatre.

2. Camp Out

Pitch a tent in the garden, on the beach, or at a local campground! Pack some snacks, some booze or sodas, and some games and other activities and get ready to spend the night getting to know each other and in close quarters.

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My boyfriend and I had a late night camp out date in my backyard and spent the entire night eating snacks, watching Netflix (courtesy of my iPad), and talking about our deepest darkest secrets.

3. Bowling

Some bowling alleys have late night specials – take advantage of those deals and spend your night competing against your SO to determine who buys your late night snack.

Not in the spirit of competition? Take it easy and play a friendly game with no pressure – bowling is sure to be a lot of fun, but it also has the bonus of making you and your partner get a little more exercise.

4. A Diner

Diners are great for more than just their cozy vibe and delicious food – a lot of them are also open 24 hours!

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Take your date to a diner that’s open late night and share a milkshake or a plate of fries – or get a head start on breakfast!

5. Star Gaze

Star gazing can be a part of your camping excursion or a date of its own.
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Set up a blanket in a park or your backyard and lay out and look at the stars. Make sure to find a place with low levels of light pollution so that you’re able to see!

6. Moonlight Walk

This one casts no money and is as easy as can be. Go on a moonlit walk around your neighborhood or for extra romance, try a moonlit walk on the beach.

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Just make sure that you’re keeping track of your surroundings and that you don’t get lost – plan a route during the day and stick to that so that you can remain safe while you’re out.

7. Play a Game

There are plenty of games for two and a ton of games built specifically for couples – whether you’re interested in video games like or good old fashion board games.
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Try some of those out the next time you’re looking for something to do late night. Games like Fifa or Call of Duty can be good ways to test your video game skills, while games like the Sims are more freeform; and board games like Pictionary test your creativity while Scrabble tests your knowledge or the English language and vocabulary — there are options for everyone!

8. Pool Hall

Does your local dive bar have a pool table? Do you have a pool hall nearby? Pool halls are all open fairly late, which makes them a great late night date spot.

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If you both know how to play, make a competition of it… or if your partner is a little rusty and you’re a pool expert, cozy up to your SO and teach them how to play the game.

9. Karaoke

Head out to your local bar and do some karaoke! Sing a power ballad together or show off your singing talents solo. If you’re feeling nervous, share a cocktail to garner the courage to perform!

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Or, if you’re not interested in singing, spend the night watching the other performers – you’re sure to be entertained whether you participate or not!

10. Watch The Sunrise

This date idea is less late night and more early morning. Spend the night out with any of these options and end your late night date by watching the sunrise.
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Classic, romantic, and beautiful, a sunrise is sure to end your night on the perfect note.

So if you’re in a pinch and trying to think of something to do, try out one of these ideas. You’re sure to have a great night that you won’t forget.