2018 is a new year- and another chance to try new foods. To add spice to your kitchen- and maybe even your love life- try these 10 exotic foods from around the world.

1. Vietnamese Pho

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Pho ( pronounced "fuh") is a noodle soup that is a Vietnamese staple. This soup is a light meal that can be made with beef or chicken that's cooked rare or with tofu for a vegan alternative. Seasonings like cinnamon or onions can add to the flavor of the broth. Pho is a great meal that can be shared with your partner.

2. Sisig

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For a more decadent Asian meal, try this pork dish from the Philippines. The delicacy is made from the jowls and snout of a pig, so it's not for the faint of stomach. Though the meal may take getting used to, sisig has a sweet and sour taste you and your partner will love.

Add soy sauce and an egg on top of the pork pieces to create an authentic Filipino sisig dish. None other than Anthony Bourdain said that sisig will become a hot meal for adventurous foodies.

3. Jollof Rice

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Jollof (pronounced "jah-lahf") rice is a West African favorite. This rice is made with tomato paste, onions, peppers, and shrimp. Chicken bouillon cubes like Maggi are a condensed stock that can be added as well. It's similar to jambalaya, but is a spicier version and would be a great addition to any meal to share with your partner.

4. Matoke

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East Africa is the homeland of this plantain dish, pronounced ("mah-to-kee"). The heated plantains are mixed with chili, lemon juice, and tomatoes. Meat or broth can be added, too. This stew can be a delicious side dish for a meal with your partner.

5. Maca Powder

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This Peruvian powder derived from a plant is rumored to be an aphrodisiac, so definitely give this a try! Sprinkle maca powder over your cereal or in a smoothie to give your love life an extra kick.

6. Ceviche

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Ceviche(pronounced "ce-veesh") is another Peruvian dish that you and your partner will love to try. This dish of raw fish is served with citrus juice. Salt and chili peppers can be added for an extra spice.

7. Profiteroles

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After eating all those savory dishes, try something sweet by sharing these sweet French treats with your partner. Profiteroles ( pronounced "pro-fit- uh-role") are a dessert can be filled with ice cream or whipped cream with a piping bag for extra decadence.

8. Panna Cotta

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This Italian dessert is made with egg whites, honey, and cream. You can heat it in a bain-marie ( pronounced "bane ma-ree"), a pan with hot water or in the oven at a low temperature. Share this scrumptious pudding with your partner after a meal.

9. Tres Leches Cake

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Tres leches is Spanish for "three kinds of milk", so this sponge cake is made with three kinds of dairy. Sweetened milk, condensed milk, and cream can be combined with liquor and mousse to whip up this treat.

10. Brigadeiro

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Brigadeiros (pronounced "bree-gah-day-irows") is a quick bite to try when you have a sweet tooth. The Brazilian snacks are made with sweetened condensed milk, cold butter, and cocoa powder to make a dessert you can feed your partner.