There’s nothing worse than having the day off with your significant other but no plans or ideas. If you’re anything like my boyfriend and me, you know that a day can easily get wasted if you can’t settle on an activity.

Here’s a handy list of 10 romantic and unique date spots that you can your honey can head to when you’ve got nothing to do!

1. Visit a Botanical Garden

If you’re looking for a date that’s sure to offer beautiful views, head out out a botanical garden. A botanical garden is a garden that houses a wide array of plants labeled with their botanical names – their collections typically include cacti, herbs, tropical plants, alpine plants, and exotic plants.

Find your favorite flower or the most exotic looking plant you can find… or if you’re in New York, visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and stroll through “an enclosed cottage garden filled with edible, medicinal, and ornamental plants mentioned in Bard's sonnets and plays” called the Shakespeare Garden. Most botanical gardens offer tours and other fun, interactive events at a reasonable price so that this date won’t break the bank.

2. Sing Karaoke

Go to out to your local karaoke bar and sing your heart out. Sometimes making a fool out of yourself is a great way to break the ice on a first date, so get on up and belt out your favorite ballad.

If you’re just looking to spice up the romance, sing a special duet together like “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie or “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease – singing together, even if you’re not the best singer, is a great way to heat things up.

3. Go to the Zoo

If your partner likes animals, take them to a zoo. Walk around and read all of the facts about animals or if you’re feeling up for it, go to the petting zoo and touch some of the animals. Make sure you go on a day where the weather is nice, but not too hot, so you have a good chance of seeing the animals.

4. Visit an Amusement Park

If you and your date are interested in adrenaline and thrills, go out to your local amusement park. Ride classic roller coasters like the Himalaya, the Buccaneers or the Tilt-A-Whirl or if you’re feeling dangerous, take on one of the bigger rides. Many amusement parks have a pretty steep ticket price, but it’s worth it if you make a day of it – just make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

5. Go to a Food Festival

It’s no secret that Americans have a love for good food and more recently a love for food trucks. Visit your local food or food truck festival and spend your day eating exotic and delicious treats from the different vendors. Admission to these festivals is usually free, but you have to pay for each truck – have both cash and your card ready just in case… and prepare to loosen up your belt!

6. See a Play or Musical

There’s nothing better than getting all dressed up – except for getting all dressed up to see a play. There are plenty of small community theatre companies around the country that put on shows and musicals every year – take your sweetie out to see a play put on by some local actors!

If you want to amp things up, take your date out to see a Broadway show or musical – then, go out for dinner or drinks afterward so you can rave about the performance. Seeing a play is a good way to ensure a conversation topic, and it’s a little step up from your typical dinner and a movie date!

7. Visit a Planetarium

There’s nothing more romantic than looking up at the stars with the one you love – a date to a planetarium is essentially that. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend out to the planetarium for a super romantic evening of observing a night sky filled with stars and planets in a climate controlled environment, which means you don’t have to worry about packing a blanket or bug spray. Most planetariums are also relatively affordable and offer fun and unique programs and light show – for everyone.

8. Take a Dance Class

Take a dance class with your significant other and sparks will surely fly. There’s nothing sexier than someone who can dance… or who can’t dance, but still tries? Learn some moves to show off the next time you’re out and get ready to sweat! There’s nothing more intimate or romantic than a slow dance with your lover.

9. Go to a Spa

Head out to a day spa and get a couple’s massage or a facial! Not only are you sure to feel more relaxed upon leaving, but you’re also sure to feel a better sense of intimacy to your partner. There are plenty of Groupon deals available for local spas – pick your favorite deal and get to booking!

10. Take a Cooking Class

Take a cooking class with your significant other! See who can make the best dish between the two of you or work together to create a culinary masterpiece! Cooking together is a great way to foster a healthy relationship and build intimacy and trust! Taking a cooking class with your significant other is sure to be a romantic experience!

Next time you’re both off from work and looking for a romantic night out or you’re planning something special for your lover but can’t decide on a spot, take a look at this list! You’re sure to find a fun, unique, and romantic place to go!

Image credit: pexels