Online dating sites are known to help someone find a date regardless of who that someone is. However, most dating sites will not want to tell you everything about what makes them work, especially what keeps them different from the rest. That is why I have created this list of 10 secrets about dating sites so that you may be able to be safe and enjoy the services any dating site may provide you.

1. Even if you are a match for someone, there is no guarantee that when you meet in person it will be like how it is online.

People get along in different ways, and taking it from online to in person is one of the hardest struggles about dating online. It is the same the other way too if you think someone isn’t a match online, but they prove to be offline. Finding love is a struggle we all go through, and putting a match percentage over the heads of people is not always guaranteed to instill hope. It takes time to really know a person in many ways, so be careful when looking at how well you match up with someone because you feel a connection with them.

2. Most people may have multiple profiles, whether that is on one dating site or many.

There are some people who may try making more than one profile to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately for these people, they may have too many profiles to check that they may not be able to keep track of what they are talking about with you, and they may not be able to take any relationship forward because people like this have one foot in and one foot out, always looking for the next best option.

3. Not everyone is who they say they are, and most dating sites may not be able to protect you from this, so do your research first!

People can say whatever they want on their profile, regardless of whether or not it is true. The same goes for their profile picture and what they are really searching for. You can get around this situation by learning how to feel out a person and decide for yourself whether or not they are genuine. You can go take an extra step by searching them online, although this may be time-consuming and you may or may not get any results.

4. Remember that an online dating service is run like a business and things may change from month to month.

For example, on OkCupid, you are now able to view profiles without being noticed, regardless of whether or not you are an A-list member. This just goes to show that your options for using an online dating site will change periodically, whether you pay for it or not.

5. Compare and contrast which dating site to use.

You don’t want to use an online dating site that isn’t meant for you because there are more and more options than there once were. This means that you need to do your research on each online dating site because no two online dating sites are exactly the same, and each online dating site may look appealing, but for all you know, it could be a scam or a waste of money.

6. Even if you pay to use an online dating site, you are not more likely to find a match.

Unfortunately, there is no one method that suits all when it comes to finding love. Some people may be lucky to find a date in a cafe, the mall, a club, the bar, or somewhere outdoors. Paying for a date will not guarantee you one. Fortunately, you can still use online dating services to search for a potential date, and you can search around wherever you live for friends, so don’t give up if your money did go to waste and you are left without a date. This could even mean that you are not ready to date, and that is ok too.

7. You will know what you like and what you don’t like faster if you use an online dating site.

Rather than trying speed dating or trying to find a date someplace you only go to every now and then, online dating gives you the advantage of searching through a lot of profiles within a few minutes. This may help you if you don’t know what you are searching for, and you will be able to spare yourself some really bad first dates in the process of finding some really good ones for yourself.

8. You will have too many options, especially if you are female.

With so many men and women trying to find love, it can be hard to tell which gender is more lucky to find what it is they are looking for. A lot of men tend to send the first message, but that leads to many rejections. With so many messages, women have the option to respond back or to send a message to someone entirely different. This makes it more likely that a woman will keep using an online dating service, even if just a bit longer, since they may be more optimistic. However, don’t let this fool you if you are female! You may be equally as frustrated with too many messages as men are with too many rejections. It is hard to really know for sure if women do have it easier when dating online.

9. Those who are "nice" are still hard to find.

The “bad boy/girl” type is easiest to find and often sought after for those who are not serious about dating. However, those who are “nice” generally have it harder to find a date, especially if they are shy, simply because they may want to be respectful of boundaries or are not sure about showing their true self too early. That isn’t to say that some “good guys/girls” don’t find dates or don't get comfortable opening up, they just might take a little bit longer.

10. Online dating sites won’t give you a serious relationship if you aren’t specific about what you want.

You may have many dates, and that may be what you want. However, if you don’t know what you like, you may get quickly frustrated and give up faster than if you had been honest with yourself from the very beginning.

Image credit: [pixabay]