Our relationships today are more unstable than they ever were. Lack of loyalty, different intentions, lying and cheating, intolerance, etc. are all unhealthy ingredients that are piling up and hiding the beauty of our relationships.

Relationships don’t just build on their own, they require consistent effort from both sides. For most people, the easy way out is to simply break up. If you don’t water a flower and take good care of it, it’s never going to bloom. The same goes for our relationships.

Here, we are sharing some tips brought to you by the love experts. So, take a look at the 10 things you shouldn’t do when you are in a relationship:

1. Take shots at each other


If you have ever seen an HGTV show that involves married couples and real estate, you may have noticed that couples get really brutal to one another at times. They tease each other but what they are really doing is insulting and belittling their partner. Taking shots at each other is a big no in a relationship. Humiliating your partner means you are damaging their self-esteem and self-worth.

2. Hold grudges


Fighting and getting mad at your partner is a sign that you both are in a sane relationship. If you really want to keep this partnership healthy, you need to stop holding grudges. Whatever it is, you must let it go. If you keep on holding grudges, it won’t just ruin the relationship but also you. It’s better to communicate whatever you are holding inside of you. Otherwise, you will just be cold towards your partner all the time and they won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong.

3. Stop putting effort


This happens when you get too much comfortable with your significant other. You stop treating them like they are special, stop complimenting them, or planning romantic getaways etc. This makes them feel they are worthless. Sometimes, you even stop showing them that you love them. It’s a two-way process. Even if one person stops putting efforts, the relationship simply crashes.

4. Snoop


Agreed, at some point in a relationship, you are tempted to spy on girlfriend’s text messages or check that mysterious drawer in the study room of your boyfriend. You need to stop because it can lead to unexpected problems. Chances are you might get caught or you will find something that you are not supposed to. You may misjudge, misinterpret or your imagination may start running wild. This will turn into a fight and eventually, destroy the trust in your relationship.


People spy on their girlfriend’s android phone using Xnspy and similar spying apps so excessively that they get addicted to snooping. Of course, if you don’t have any other way to figure out why your partner is acting so mysteriously, then it’s fair to use Xnspy.

But remember a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Before you jump onto conclusions, just go to your partner straight and tell them what’s bothering you. Spying cannot always answer your questions.

5. Forget about your friends and family


Yes, it is important to make your partner realize that they are your one and only but that doesn’t mean you forget about your friends and family. When you meet someone new, you want to be with them all the time or talk to them all the time. This makes you forget about your responsibilities and priorities.

In the midst of this all, never forget your friends and family. They were there first. They know your story and they were with you through thick and thin. Always make time for the people who are important in your life. Remember to keep the balance. Some people give too much attention to friends and family that they end up ignoring their partner’s feelings and needs.

6. Changing who they are


If you can’t accept who they are, just leave them. There are very rare chances that you will find an ideal mate. If you try to fit someone in the mold of your perceptions, you will either make them run away from you or you will never be happy with who they are.

7. Bring up the past

NEVER, I repeat NEVER bring up the past in any argument. In fact, forget whatever bad happened in the past and focus on the present. If you spied on girlfriend Android phone in the past or you caught your boyfriend cheating, leave it all behind and don’t use it as an ammunition.

If you had already decided to forgive them and both of you had moved on, there is no point of bringing it up no matter how well it can favor you at that time. Why? It’s just going to trigger negative emotions and you might end up saying something that you’ll regret later on.

8. Not support them

If you won’t have your partner’s back, then who will? No matter how farfetched a goal seems, don’t shoot their dreams. Make sure you are the one who supports them before anybody else. Even if they have messed up or made a stupid decision, you should be the one who picks them up. Don’t ever mock them for their shortcomings instead, be their unwavering support system.

9. Compare them

If you have been in a relationship and you were in love too, don’t compare the previous relationship with the person who you are with right now. Don’t even compare your partner with someone you just saw. It is never a good feeling if someone makes you feel that you are in a competition with someone they don’t even know. They will feel about themselves and start thinking they are not good enough for you.

10. Keep secrets

No matter what type of relationship it is, it demands honesty. It’s essential to be open with your partner. Don’t keep secrets because if you do, you will either encourage your partner to spy on girlfriend Android phone or they will simply get hurt by the thought that you don’t trust them.

The truth is, there are going to be bumps in your relationship. Good times and bad times go hand-in-hand but with these tips, you can stay committed to each other.