Valentine's Day is not just for couples anymore. Even singles can have fun on this day of love. Here are five ways to have an alternative celebration for Valentine's Day.

1. Have a Friend's Day

The classic sitcom Parks and Recreation had Galentine's Day where the female characters hung out with each other the day before Valentine's Day. Get your girl (or guy) friends together and have a good meal at a fancy restaurant or drink at a neighborhood bar to celebrate Valentine's Day. Being with your friends can help you feel less alone and have a good time whether you have a partner or not.

2. Get Involved with Charity

If you want to give back on Valentine's Day, there are many ways to help out. Help the American Heart Foundation and their fight against heart disease in women in February. See the legendary play about women's empowerment, The Vagina Monologues, and donate money to end violence against women on V-Day.

Give to a foundation that helps African-Americans during Black History Month. Giving to charity can make you grateful for what you have and make you feel good while you're helping people. It will also take away the feeling of being useless because you're single and give you purpose on Valentine's Day.

3. Take Time for Yourself

Valentine's Day can be such a couple-centric day that you don't time to do what you want. Indulge in your special interests on this day, from binge-watching old sitcoms to cooking. Valentine's Day can be a day for you to pamper yourself. Buy yourself flowers and chocolate or just save your money and lounge in your bed on this special day. Find a way to show yourself some love even if you're a singleton.

4. Flirt with People Online and in Person

If you don't have a bae, but still want to meet people, you can still explore your options online or in person. Many dating apps have their busiest traffic on Valentine's Day, so reach out to new people on dating apps or in person at speed dating events. Even if you're not serious about looking for love, just chatting with people online or meeting new people at singles events can give you confidence and possibly lead to a new relationship.

5. Step Away from Social Media

Being glued to your phone and looking at couples sharing corny Instagram photos on Valentine's Day can be depressing. Forget about stalking an ex online or pining away after someone who's not interested in you on social media. Do something productive by taking a break from social media. Put the devices away and just unplug to celebrate Valentine's Day with a fun activity. Walk the dog or just explore your hometown (weather permitting).

Valentine's Day can be a fun day if you take the pressure off yourself to be in a relationship. Take the time to love yourself just the way you are.