Not many people know, but India is the third largest liquor market in the world, and the demands are accelerating at a rapid pace. To meet these growing demands, various distilleries have sprouted across the length and breadth of the country. However, not all of them have shaken the liquor market with their superior quality and authentic taste. Only some of the best alcohol brands in India have proved their mettle, thanks to their finest distilleries.

Here is the list of 5 best distilleries which have established a firm hold in the Indian subcontinent and are scaling greater heights of success with their strong product portfolio. Take a look!

1. Amrut Distilleries

Synonymous for quality, Amrut is the frontrunner in the Indian market. It carved its own niche in the market by producing the first single malt whisky ever made in India. The distillery achieved greater heights in 2010 when whisky connoisseur Jim Murray named Amrut Fusion single malt whisky as the third finest whiskey in the world.
Today, the distillery has its empire in more than 23 countries across the globe and has a product portfolio of whiskey (blended and single malt), vodka, brandy, rum and gin. Some of its top alcohol brands in India are Amrut Portonova, Amrut Kadambham, Blue Star Dry Gin, Old Port Deluxe Rum and Bejois Napoleon Brandy to name a few.

2. Hermes Distillery

Though a new entrant in the list, Hermes distillery took a fantastic leap by raising the bar for Indian spirits. It introduced Tomsa plant and became the first distillery in India to use the 100-year-old distillery technology from Spain that is used by Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, and Crown Royal. Over a short span of time, Hermes distillery has launched several top alcohol brands in India that cover wide spectrum of tastes. Some of the premium brands are Indian Honey, Rockdove, Murano, Red Bliss and 6 Bullet.

3. John Distilleries

With 16 manufacturing units in 12 states, John Distillery is yet another mighty name in the brewery industry of India. Its flagship whiskey brand, Original Choice, was listed among the top 10 selling whiskies in the world. Apart from that, the distillery has a strong portfolio of top alcohol brands in India including Paul John Whisky, Roulette Brandy and Big Banyan Wines. John Distilleries have recently introduced Paul John Single Malts in India bringing a new wave in the distillery industry.

4. Som Distilleries & Breweries

Another leading distillery in India, Som Distilleries & Breweries manufactures high-quality beverages that have been earning the praise of consumers since they entered the market. Presently, the distillery boasts of a vast global presence in more than 25 countries. Some of their key brands are Hunter, Power cool and Blackfort. Be it their beer, whiskey, vodka or gin, all of them capture perfection and rarity like no other.

5. Agave India Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Standing tall in the industry for more than eight years, Agave India manufactures the best quality alcohol in its distilleries in Goa. Its brand DesmondJi is famous for agave-based spirits that have won the hearts of consumers across the country. Amalgamating Indian raw materials and international processes and standards, DesmondJi is turning out to be a shining star in the Indian subcontinent. One more achievement Agave India feels proud to mark against its name is that it has country’s first micro-distillery.

The above-listed distilleries are some of the pioneers in the Indian industry which brought to the fore the best alcohol brands in India. Be it their authenticity, luxurious taste and the premium quality; these distilleries have surpassed them all.