Like most people, you may find that confidence is sexy. So is being mysterious, outgoing, a kind-hearted person, and knowing about boundaries concerning availability. So what about passion? How does that come about?

Well, that comes from incorporating confidence, a sense of mystery, being outgoing, kind-hearted, and knowing how to establish boundaries, into the relationship.

In this article, I explain how to incorporate each of these aspects into the relationship to create passion and a date night idea that may bring the passion to your lover in a way that will make them hungry for more.

1. Confidence

Confidence is most important for a reason. Confidence gets the attention of those around you when you walk with good posture and speak with self-respect about yourself. Confidence is needed for you to walk up to someone you like and introduce yourself, and it is also needed in being comfortable with trying new things in bed. Without confidence, you may be left feeling hopeless.

2. Mystery

Many people get into relationships and immediately want to know everything about the other person, and/or they may say too much about themselves in return. This creates no mystery, and nothing to look forward to learning about as you or they become an open book.

3. Outgoing

Not much will keep the relationship alive if neither of the people involved in the relationship goes out and experiences life. This is also true when dating. Dates are all about trying new things together as a couple and going home or someplace private to talk about the experience and lessons learned. Without being outgoing, you may never grow together as a couple, and no one wants to remain stuck in a relationship of any kind out of comfort.

4. Kind-hearted

Without kind-hearted people, no one would want to get involved in relationships with these people. Kindness can help people want to open up and share feelings, which is essential to have a healthy relationship. Kind-hearted people are also supportive, and the support is what is needed, to know that you and your lover will get through the hard times together.

5. Boundaries

Knowing and establishing boundaries helps to keep both people who care about each other, safe in the relationship. This is where consent is talked about and accepted, and where trust is formed. Without boundaries, there may be no way a relationship can flourish, especially since no one really wants someone who is up for anything as that could lead to risky and unhealthy behavior.

6. Passion

Without passion, of any kind, life would be very dull. Passion starts with attraction, but it isn’t everything, as long as both people remain at a healthy weight and think about life in a positive way. It also helps to have a passion outside of the bedroom too, in terms of activities. So passion goes a long way to sustain a relationship and keep it alive.

Now that you know how to create passion, how do you send that energy to your lover?

You need to be confident in knowing what the other person likes, but don’t be too obvious in going about it. You need to show off your social skills, which will impress your lover, especially if you are kind-hearted. Lastly, you need to set boundaries so that no one gets hurt.

All of this will make your lover desire you, and the passion may be able to build. A bonus for both of you if you both remain healthy individuals by taking care of yourselves and go about this process with a healthy can-do attitude.

An example of a date night idea could be a candlelit dinner with flowers. Rather than having your lover come home and be surprised, why not have your partner go into another room and wait for the surprise. The wait will make your partner curious, and seeing their face when you are done may give you much joy.

If you then have good conversations about your day and how you took charge of your life, you may find that your partner finds you interesting once again, and is desiring you in more than one way, resulting in a passion that will give both of you very much joy. It is now all up to you on how to go about releasing that built up passion.

Image credit: pixabay