Going on a date doesn’t have to be boring and yet at the same time, you still want to have some romantic elements to your date, even if you are aiming for a more active approach to your dating. While some people might not want to take on anything too strenuous early on in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with adding some action to your dating life.

A great date idea for a more active couple might include a hike and depending on where you live, you might have some great hiking opportunities.

If you properly plan your hike, you could have a destination in mind such as a waterfall, a canyon, or even overlooking a valley. These stops could be a great place to do more than just enjoy the scenery, they can be a great place to stop and talk as well. Not only does hiking bring some exercise benefits to the date, but if you pack a meal, you can even find a spot, such as that beautiful waterfall or near a stream, to picnic and chat while also enjoying the scenery.

If you live near the water and have a place that offers activities such as snorkeling, this could be a great active date. Not only would you get to spend time together, but you also get to explore under the water and share what you find with each other.

Another water activity that will also offer a solid workout is kayaking. Whether you choose to go in an individual kayak or do partner kayaking in a two person vessel, this activity is a serious workout that will also help you build communication. If you choose to do partner kayaking, then you have to talk to each and work together in order to coordinate your strokes and stay on course.

Even if you each take your own kayaks out together, there is still communication that is needed so that you stay together and have a good time. Not only will this activity give you a chance to enjoy an active date, but it also gets you out on the water together.

An active date does not necessarily have to include exercise either. If you are looking for something both romantic and engaging, you might want to take a boat out at night for some night fishing. Not only does this offer a chance to be on the water at night, but it also gives you a chance to test your fishing abilities or show your partner your skills with a fishing pole. Of course, there is also the day time option as well, which can be just as fun and if you pack some food and wine, you can even take a break for a picnic by the water or if you are on a boat, in the middle of the water.

Gardening is another unique date idea that offers a chance to get dirty and be outdoors. For many people, gardening can be a relaxing experience and offers a sense of peace as you get the chance to play in the soil and plant something that will have a chance to grow. This date idea also has long term effects as you can watch what you planted together grow over time.

Going for a bike ride is another active date idea that can be both fun and romantic. Much like with kayaking, you can choose to go on a solo bike ride with your partner or if you are more daring you could try a tandem bike. Depending on where you are, a bike ride might be through town or whatever city you live, or you could choose a different path, such as one along the water or through the woods.

Either way, this is a chance to get out together and explore where you live. And really it is the kind of dating activity that offers endless possibilities. Whether that means having a destination in mind, getting a chance to explore a new area or even biking to a spot for lunch or a snack, this is the kind of active date that can be done multiple times and still offer a sense of freshness and adventure.

Dancing is also a great, and obvious, choice in terms of an active date idea. Going to a club to dance with your date can be a fun experience, however, if you want to shake things up, you could look into dance lessons and learn how to do something like the tango or a waltz together.

Big cities, such as New York City often offer dancing in the park during the summer as a fun way to perhaps learn a new dance move or two and also get out and move.

Or perhaps after a night out, simply dancing under the moonlight could be a way to incorporate that touch of romance you might have been looking for. As a whole, dancing can be a fun opportunity to take your date to do something different and fun together and it will also offer plenty of chances to be yourself.

Romance on a date does not necessarily have to be anything overly dramatic. Being together and doing something fun can be perfect all on its own. When you throw in a picnic, wine or even the stars at night, it gives your date a chance to stand out as being both unique and even a touch romantic.