In my latest article, I wrote about 5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Dinner For Two. In this week’s article, I write about 60 tips that you and your date can include to enjoy a wonderful dinner date together. Even if you and your date are not eating dinner, you can still use these 60 tips for any breakfast or lunch date you may have, even if neither of you will be eating that much or anything at all. It never hurts to plan a wonderful date!

  1. Look through recipes together and decide on one together before you need to do anything else
  2. Know about any food allergies. These can include allergies pertaining to nuts, dairy, gluten, even to eggs
  3. Also know about recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.
  4. Meal prep ALL the ingredients that are time-consuming and can be refrigerated or left in the freezer for a while.
  5. Know who will be in charge of what. (cooking, doing the dishes, etc.)
  6. If you are going out for dinner, agree on where to go before setting out
  7. Plan ahead for expensive dinner dates.
  8. Agree on who is paying for what and for how much.
  9. Make each dinner date special and unique by adding some changes where necessary
  10. If either of you wants to drink alcohol, you must both be cautious of each other’s intake and plan accordingly
  11. Try a new food item during each dinner date for a change and you may have a new experience to share with your date
  12. If eating outside, check the weather before setting out
  13. If enjoying a picnic together, you can pack before and make it a surprise, or you can pack together for mutual enjoyment
  14. Research the place you want to go for dinner and see if they have a 3 star or higher rating
  15. If the restaurant or diner is always busy, then it is a good place to go
  16. Check the bathroom too, and if it is clean, then chances are it is a good place to go
  17. Avoid food items that may make you feel sick afterward
  18. Be cautious of seafood and deep-fried foods
  19. Always ask to see how big or small something you ordered is because you may want to share it
  20. Avoid overly crowded places as you may not be able to hear your date properly
  21. Avoid places where there is no crowd since it may become too quiet and awkward
  22. Take advantage of specials
  23. Enjoy the holiday season by going out somewhere festive
  24. Always bring extra money just in case you want to splurge on dessert
  25. Always tip your waiter or waitress well
  26. Make sure you go to a place with music you like or turn on some music that you like
  27. Check for dim lit places, like candlelight, which can add some romance
  28. Be careful of large tables or very small tables, since you may either not feel close to your date or too close for comfort
  29. Always make sure you don’t elbow each other by knowing who is left or right handed
  30. Choose to sit either across, diagonal or side by side for optimal comfort
  31. Never forget your manners, since they ALWAYS matter
  32. Avoid overly messy foods, unless your date is getting the same, or doesn’t mind
  33. Always use your napkin instead of licking your fingers
  34. Try to limit any caffeine
  35. Be aware of whether you want to be in the smoke-free section
  36. Also be aware of whether or not either of you wants to sit in the bar area, in a booth, or at a table, even a table by a window or not
  37. Do not feel like you have to wait too long in line if you have other activities planned. You can go someplace else
  38. If your date is late, reserve their place
  39. Do not be rude to the waiter or waitress, especially if they are very busy
  40. You do not need to stay if you are not being waited on properly or if your order came back less than ideal. Simply pay and leave
  41. Ask how your date is enjoying their meal, this may give you clues about how they are enjoying their date with you
  42. If you are making dinner at home and you want to be the hostess, do not expect your date to want to clean up after themselves, since they are your guest
  43. Wait a while after dinner before cleaning up. Your date may want to digest their meal still
  44. Ask if your date is thirsty or wants an appetizer. This will help your date know what to expect when dinner is about to be served
  45. Don’t be afraid to talk while eating dinner together. A silent meal can be enjoyable, but so can a lively one
  46. If you have long hair, remember to keep it out of the way
  47. Keep your elbows off the table, it may make you seem rude
  48. ALWAYS say please and thank you for everything you or your date do for each other and for whatever your waiter or waitress does for you
  49. Never forget to smile and seem friendly even if you are having a bad day
  50. Flirt with your date and make their day a good one
  51. Comfort your date if they seem distant and uncomfortable
  52. Make each other laugh by being silly with each other
  53. Remember who will be in charge of the next dinner date, if one is coming up soon
  54. Plan ahead for an activity afterward if both of you want to and if both of you have time
  55. Or plan an activity centered around food or before you eat dinner together
  56. Talk about what you liked and did not like and be prepared for positive or negative feedback
  57. Make a note of places you liked and did not like
  58. Make a note of meals you both enjoyed and did not
  59. Make sure your date is safely home if they drank too much alcohol
  60. End the dinner date by planning another one soon so you both have another dinner date to look forward to together

Image credit: [pexels]