The Best Cooking Tools for Kitchen Newbies

The Best Cooking Tools for Kitchen Newbies

Behind the success of a recipe, there are also the right tools that change your life. And when it comes to being a newbie in the kitchen, that means knowing which tools to use and which are unnecessary.

Here is the list of essential tools for the kitchen.

Several cutting boards


Whether or not they are plastic, wood or bamboo is less important than keeping them clean and dry. It is essential to have separate cutting boards for meat (especially chicken), fish and vegetables, so that food remains fresh and pristine.

Dutch oven

It brings back recollections of western movies where the cowboy cooks pots of beans. It is basically an oven but is really more of a cast iron pot with lid. Typically covered in bright-colored glaze and is right for cooking excellent stews, braised meats, and glorious roasts. If you love comfort food you absolutely must have this cooking tool in your kitchen.

Knife sets: essential cooking tools


The essential kit typically includes a chef’s knife, a knife for pairings, a general purpose knife, and a

bread / serrated knife.  Hey newbies, don’t forget to buy a penknife.


There are many different types of shapes and materials when it comes to pans.

If you are looking for no more afternoons spent rubbing the crusty pots and pans, let’s examine what are the most effective.

  • The stainless steel pan


It is a must for any new chefs a result of is flexible and tough to scratch. Unlike cast iron, it straight off heats up, permitting you to quickly reach a high heat.

You can find these cooking tools here.

  • Cast iron pan


Perfect for cookery with fewer fats, is strong and versatile, helps keep the cooking temperatures uniform and get the tender crust that we like such a lot. Do you know that it’s perfect for cooking pizza too?
The upside is that you can place things from the stove to the oven in the same pan.

While stainless steel pans tend to make food stick to the bottom.

  •  Non-stick pan


It’s more practical than the other pans. Sadly it has an enormous defect: in the long-term, it’ll scratch, however, this cooking tools in the kitchen it’s indispensable.

Measuring tools


Whether or not your measure skills are undisputed, use both cups and spoons to be precise.

Having these tools out there can enable you to create the correct recipes, avoiding to place the ingredients randomly. They can replace the dimensions, particularly for measurement of tiny quantities.

Hang them with hooks on the wall to give an old fashion touch to your kitchen.

Immersion blender


Dip it in a bowl and press on; nothing easier to do. It’s basically a handy stick, with blender blades at the end of it. A decent immersion mixer ought to be powerful enough to process every kind of food. For example cooked meats, potatoes, vegetables and so on. In fact, it’s used for the blending of velvety soups and sauces. You’ll conjointly use it to prepare topping, mayonnaise, and creamy salad dressing, fruit smoothies, and even pesto.

Amazingly, the immersion blender is quite convenient.

This cooking tool is simple to clean: just rub with soap and water, rinse and dry (some also have mechanically cleanable parts). It’s the best for the newbies.

Mixing bowls


Stainless, melanin, glass: no matter how no matter where the necessary issue is to have them in your kitchen.
This deep bowl allows the mixing of both liquid and solid ingredients.
It is well to own a minimum of three bowls of various sizes because it is usually necessary throughout preparation to separate the mixture of ingredients.


Considered as the second set of hands, they must be able to grasp, lift, flip, push and move most foods.
They should be comfortable to handle to avoid unpleasant incidents and must be able to get things out of the oven or wet foods such as pasta.

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