It is on record that so many persons look up to the internet for many things that concern their needs. And for this reasons, people tend to have some specific blogs that they follow regularly to get important updates. Same is applicable to foodies or perhaps not foodies though, but really want to get updates on foods.

Yes, they are various blog that offers guides and other updates about foods, but which are you really following to get these updates? Are you really getting the required updates about foods and emerging recipes? This is no doubt the reason why we want to follow food blogs to stay updated and make recent changes to our diets base on the trend.

This article will reveal to you the best food blogs in 2017 to follow. You’re guaranteed all the updates you crave for from these blogs.
Here we go:

Anna Jones

This is one blog you’d follow if you really need to spark some love into your kitchen with creative and new recipes. Anna Jones is a trained independent food writer. Anna, through her blog, brings you beautiful, healthy, vegetarian recipes that focus on natural ingredients and whole food. It’s undoubtedly one outstanding blog that will provide you with all the updates you need to maintain a healthy diet.

Hemsley & Hemsley

This blog was launched in 2010 by Jasmine and Melissa. Since its inception, the blog has been providing current updates on healthy and delicious cooked meals. Follow this blog for innovative ideas on healthy ingredients and recipes on your favorite diets.

Sassy Kitchen

Among our list of recommended blog is Sassy Kitchen. It’s one of the popular food blogs that you probably know and of course, this blog really standouts when it comes to providing updates on foods. Sassy Kitchen specifically provides gluten-free recipes as well as dairy-free vegetarian, vegan and lots more.

Naturally Ella

You need to also consider following this blog if you’re that foodie that require updates on foods and how to make some changes to your diets. This blog features whole foods, vegetarian recipes, vegan etc. The blog has got a number of expert food writers and provides a regular update on various foods.

Minimalist Baker

Directly in line with the name, Minimalist Baker features simple foods, their ingredients, and the recipes. Focuses on dairy-free and gluten-free foods. You’d also get other foods updates from this blog.

Sprouted Kitchen

Like other blogs listed, Sprouted Kitchens features categorized food recipes across all areas of eating, from baby food ideas to indulgent brown butter cupcake brownies, this is simply a great blog to get updates on foods and their recipes. So, following this blog is a perfect choice.

Expecting more? No need for a long list that could perhaps get you confused. We’ve carefully selected the best food blogs to follow to get all the information you need about foods. These blogs regularly feature updates on new recipes, ingredients, diets plans and much more. Sure, you’d get new ideas to improve your diet.