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Best Vacations in the United States to Take During the Winter

If you live in the Northern United States, it’s cold. It’s been cold, snowing, and winter-y for a while now, even though it isn’t even technically winter yet! But that just means it is time for a vacation. And these are the best warm escapes from the winter within the U.S.

Naples, Florida

Or really anywhere in Florida.

But Naples is the best. It’s on the west coast in south Florida, and this means it is always hot there. The average temperature in December, January, February, and March is 76 during the day and 58 at night. And if you’re coming from frigid temps, what more could you really want?

Watch the sunset from Naples Pier for the most stunning sunset there is on the west coast of south Florida. For shopping, check out 5th Avenue South. And of course, you must get to the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters that Naples are known for.

Orlando, Florida

Almost all of Florida is hot year around, though the warmest temps are obviously going to be found the further south that you go. Orlando is the biggest tourist city in America, and it’s average temps from, January through April are between 74 and 54. And Orlando has all the attractions you could ever want.

For theme parks, you can visit Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and more. There’s also International Drive, a street filled with eateries, boutiques, gift shops, and, you guessed it even more amusement parks. There are water parks to visit, there’s Gatorland to explore, and many more destinations. In fact, you may even need a second vacation to see it all. And who doesn’t want to be among the palm trees and sunny skies during your next vacation, and especially for an escape from the winter cold.

San Diego, California

Speaking of sunny skies and palm trees, San Diego is called perfect by anyone who lives there and almost everyone who visits. Even in mid winter, the temps are steadily in the 60s and high 40s to 50s. This may sound cold-er, but remember, San Diego is on the coast and further north than Florida, so it has more of ‘coastal’ temps. That being said, it is still warmer than many places in the winter, and definitely a change of pace from ice and snow.

This California coast city is known not only for its great temps, but also the San Diego Zoo, and of course its white sand beaches. It’s got an average of only 42 rain days each year and is known by many as “America’s Finest City.” For more things to do, check out LEGOLAND California, Balboa Park, or the many casinos, historic parks, and museums around the city.

So if you are freezing, sick of winter already, and need a vacation, these are three spots in the U.S. you just have to check out. Whether you choose to go to Florida or California, you will have a great time, enjoy some warmer weather, and see plenty of sun. Happy vacationing!