A film student that shares her passion for wellbeing on instagram

F&D: As a vegan, what is something you want people to know about your food choices?

Claudia: It’s delicious! So many people are under the misconception being vegan means boring rabbit food. But I love my food and I couldn’t stick to anything that took that away from me!

F&D: What are some food recommendations you have for people looking to incorporate vegan dishes into their diets?

Claudia: My biggest recommendation is to make sure you are eating enough; plant foods are often a lot less calorie dense so you need to eat more.


F&D: You have said you plan to start doing YouTube videos, what types of videos will you be posting?

Claudia: I’m still trying to decide, I would love to share more about living a healthy lifestyle but I also want it to transcend to my other passions like filmmaking.

F&D: Although you have said you tend not to measure ingredients, will you be putting together recipes for your followers of some of your creations and favorite dishes?

Claudia: I definitely want to share more recipes but for me, the fun of cooking is experimenting with different flavors and not sticking to any rules.


F&D: What are some of your favorite foods?

Claudia: That is so difficult to me, I love so much food! But to begin with pineapple, mango, chocolate, oats, I could go on forever!

F&D: Do you have any culinary guilty pleasures? What are they?

Claudia: I’m actually super fussy when it comes to mixing anything that shouldn’t be mixed, sweet and savory just can’t be mixed in my eyes so that rules most things out haha!


F&D: As someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, what do you feel are the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy?

Claudia: To me, it’s all about how you feel! Living a healthy lifestyle gives me so much energy and makes me feel great which helps all aspects of my life.

F&D: What are some of your favorite forms of exercise?

Claudia: I like to have a big variety from national park walks to mountain climbs, pilates, yoga, and sunset runs.

F&D: Do you have a favorite meal or dish that you enjoy making?

Claudia: Yes, bliss balls! They are just so quick and easy to make.

F&D: What is your favorite comfort food?

Claudia: Chocolate!


F&D: What inspired you to share your love of food and healthy living with the world?

Claudia: I originally created my account on my gap year just to stay creative whilst I wasn’t studying film and living a healthy lifestyle was something I was passionate about so it just happened organically really.

F&D: What inspires you when it comes to putting together a beautiful dish for your Instagram feed?

Claudia: I love creating new dishes but ultimately, I just want to showcase how tasty eating healthy & eating vegan is!

F&D: What goals do you have when it comes to sharing your love of food with your followers?

Claudia: I try and promote a healthy lifestyle by showing how easy and tasty it can be! But I also try and stress the importance of balance and treating yourself too.

Interview by Kimberley Spinney