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How to Combine Your Love of Travel and Food

If you love to travel and you love to eat, then this article is your go to for how to do just that. Oh, and even how you can do it all on a budget. First, how to travel on the cheap, and then how to eat at a discount, or even for free!



And AirBnb and AirBnb. Seriously. You want a cheap-er stay with more amenities and more bang for your buck? AirBnb is practically everywhere and the options are endless. Want a house? Done. Want to be downtown in the city? You got it! Want to stay on your own private island? Your wish is my command. I’m not kidding!

They also have experiences, offered by the host. You will pay for the place and then certain excursions or their experience, depending on what they offer and what you want to do.


Another option that’s very similar to AirBnb but more expensive is VRBO. They also have all different kinds of places in all different places. But the reality is that they are actually a place for people who own vacation rentals to post their listings for those of us looking for somewhere to lay our head while we travel.



Hotels are not too expensive and there are sites that make it easy to get a great deal! Go to sites like Priceline and Expedia for some of the best deals. You can also search other sites for prices simultaneously and these sites all do that for you.

Also, hotels have perks that help keep cost down. They may offer a free continental breakfast, sometimes it’s even a hot breakfast. There are others that have a free happy hour with snacks too, and you cannot go wrong with those extras!


The same goes for flights. If you know a little about booking, you can save a lot of money and get some amazing details. For instance, if you book on a Tuesday, you will get the best rate. And if you fly on Wednesdays, you will also notice that you tend to get the best rate as well.


If you go eat out at lunch time, you’re going to get a great deal. Restaurants have lunch deals to lure people in and they are perfect. The food is usually the same as what is available on the dinner menu, for the most part, and yet it is a slightly smaller portion with a smaller price tag, too. If you have a big lunch you can just have snacks and drinks for dinner and call it a night.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a fantastic deal no matter where you are and it gets you drinks and sometimes eats all for half the price! Ok, it’s not always half price but a lot of places are that or close. Plus, if you’re like me, it’s fun to get out and have some drinks and see the town and be back early. Watch a show and then bed. I know, I’m like 80.

How to do Both: Become a Mystery Shopper

Seriously, there are some legit companies out there and this easy extra job gets you meals, hotel stays, entertainment, and more, fully reimbursed if not with additional compensation. There are even some that offer flights at more than 50% off. What more could you want from an easy, part-time job?

These tips are all tried and true by yours truly so make sure to use them because they are so worth it! Happy (and budget-friendly) traveling and eating!