Now, that you have found the one and you are really in love, do you want to get the relationship to the next level? Well, it's something good to behold your affection to one another. A proposal is in many ways as momentous as the wedding itself. Getting it right is paramount. It is something to remember for a lifetime.

Planning is essential if the proposal is to yield the expected outcome. The considerations to make include; your other half's likes, your budget (you don't need to break the bank for it), the safety of the place you intend to propose at, etc. You should settle on somewhere you're both comfortable. A place you know will work for both of you and most importantly, one that won't scream of the impending proposal. It has to be a surprise to remember.

The "Big Apple" offers incredible stunning views, many beautiful structures and many excellent restaurants that would be ideal for a perfect proposal. Here are some of the best places to propose to her in New York.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is an oasis of tranquility away from the hustles of the city. High-rise skyscrapers surround it. Bryant Park is behind the New York public library between the 41st and 42nd street and 6th avenue. Being a city park, Bryant Park features many historical monuments as well as a variety of urban amenities.

The park is set-up to offer numerous options for fun-filled sessions. There are incredible lawns, clean pavements and plenty of beautiful spots.

For your special moment, the options are limitless.
You may opt for a flash mob proposal. A choreographed flash mob appears in a seemingly spontaneous way. The mob will then perform her favorite song and after a delightful performance, the flash mob presents you with the opportunity to pop the question.

Times Square Billboard Proposal

Times Square embodies the rush that is synonymous with New York. Located in central Manhattan, Times Square is one of the most famous destinations in New York. During the day, the place can be overwhelming. There are enormous crowds, huge billboards, and plenty of noise.

However, the night ushers in the pristine beauty of Times Square. Numerous neon bulbs, theatre ads, and enormous billboards light-up the Square making it look amazing. It is a famous spot for proposals.

For your proposal, the billboards offer a unique way of doing it. Your proposal is aired live at the time and day of your choice. In other words, this proposal proclaims your love to the entire world. And is sure not for the shy ones. The billboard proposal service is offered at a fee by a few companies. For convenience, you will need to contact them and iron out details to do with the proposal in advance

Elevated Acre

Elevated acre is a unique lush green garden of utmost tranquility. It is a secluded spot in Lower Manhattan. The term Elevated is from the fact that the garden sits above the city streets.

The one-acre gem, features a well-manicured lawn, an amphitheater and a stunning view of the city below. It's a haven of rare calm in an ordinarily chaotic city.

The serenity offers an ideal spot to immerse yourselves in your love. Simply put, it is a perfect place for you to pose the all-important question.

Get a Nice Restaurant and Propose Over a Glass of Wine

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New York has the largest population in the United States and consequently, it has many lovely dining areas and restaurants. Some are super expensive restaurants, but you’ll also get affordable ones. Remember to reserve a good table beforehand for your big day.

Prospect Park

The Prospect Park features over 500 acres of land. Located in Brooklyn, it was designed by the same designers that did the Central Park. Essentially, this means that you get all the enchanting views that the Central Park offers minus the crowds.

Prospect Park offers a lovely spot for a casual stroll.
The Park is a haven of serenity and peace. It offers a way out of the hustles of the "Concrete Jungle."

For a proposal, then this is one of the best places in New York. The scenic views, the sound of birds, the lush green vegetation, etc. Not everyone wants a proposal done in public as it might lead to lots of anxiety. If you boo is the anxious type, then Prospect Park affords you the privacy. It offers a serene setting for the two of you as you also take in the beauty of nature.


New York City is immense. If I were to write about all the exciting places to propose to your love, it would be a sizeable article. I have merely described some of the areas. Get a place that best suits both of you. However small or grand an event, the love between you is all that matters. It's what will get you through the good times as well as the tough ones.

Photo by Philipp Henzler on Unsplash