While sex is certainly an intimate act, there are other acts of affection that one might consider being even more intimate.

Although we have previously discussed both kissing and cuddling being more intimate than sex, these are not the only forms of affection that can be considered more intimate.

Everyone’s definition of intimacy might be slightly different based on their own perceptions. However, if you are not looking to rush into having sex with someone, but you still want to show your affection, then the following acts of intimacy may be exactly what you want, or these can be used to help enrich your relationship as a whole.

With so many people willing to have sex with virtual strangers, sexual relations are no longer at the level of intimacy that some might hope to achieve. At the same time, there are some people who might find more affection in other acts, such as the following acts, like holding hands and even slow dancing.

If you are looking for some different ideas when it comes to showing affection and intimacy with the person you are dating, here are some other intimate acts that might fit the bill.

1. Holding Hands

Holding hands with your partner might not seem like the most intimate act, but there are people who may not feel comfortable reaching out and holding on to someone in public. When there is a level of comfort between yourself and your partner, then acting on that in public might feel a bit more natural.

When you are in public and find yourself feeling attached to the person you are dating, it may actually be instinctual to reach out to them. This may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but the reality is that holding hands with someone in public is a not only a sign of commitment, but it acts as a subtle hint to the rest of the world that this is a person that you love and you have no problem letting anyone know it.

2. Tender Kisses

Unlike sexual kisses, tender kissing that is in no way about having sex, are extremely intimate acts of affection. While there are so many different types of kisses, a sweet kiss that happens out of the blue can really be quite special. It is a form of caring for someone that shows that you think more of them than just sexually.

3. Meeting the Family

Being invited to meet the family is a very big deal. It is also a sign of intimacy that some people never consider, however, the reality is being asked to meet the inner circle is about being included in the fold. It means that you are both serious about each other and you see a potential for a truly long-term relationship. Meeting the family is all about getting to know the closest people in another person’s life and that is truly intimate.

4. Exchanging Secrets

Sharing confidences with another person is about baring one’s soul, which is what makes exchanging secrets so intimate. Being able to really open up to another person is all about so much more than carnal desires, this is how you truly get intimate with someone else.

5. Staring Into Your Partner’s Eyes

This might be surprising to read, but locking eyes with someone, particularly for a long period of time can be extremely difficult. When you can stare a person in the eyes, it is an act of intimacy that easily allows the other person to see just how much you care about them.

6. Slow Dancing Together

Not only is slow dancing with your partner romantic, but it can also be extremely intimate. Your two bodies swaying together, connected to each other by the points of your body that are touching and even by the rhythm you are able to establish together. Even without music, just dancing slowly together without worrying about stumbling or awkward feelings, is an act of intimacy that is hard to describe to someone who has never had the chance to do it.

7. Sitting in Silence Together

When you are truly comfortable with your partner, sitting in silence can be a source of comfort and relaxation. Being together does not mean always having to be deep in conversation or always on the move and active. Instead, quiet reflection and being together in solitude is a chance to sit in each other’s presence and just enjoy each other.

Intimate acts do not have to revolve around sex. They can be about simply being with the person you love and sharing time and affection with them. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be sexually active with your partner, sometimes you want to show your affection in ways that have nothing to do with sex and these acts encompass those ideas.

Image Courtesy of Melhem Rizk - Flickr