It's a new year, so it's a new chance to find love. Even though there are many dating apps, but there are still some groups of people who might feel left out. Move over, Tinder and Grindr, here are some apps that could help users swipe right to find love.

1. Foodies

Photo by Janko Ferlič / [Unsplash

Foodies need an app all to themselves. Since food is such an integral part of our lives, a dating app for experts in food would be a natural meeting point for people looking for love. Food can bond people together and make people fall in love. A delicious meal and a good drink can be shared in person after meeting on an app. A dating app that bonds people passionate about the best avocado toast or Pinot Noir would be a best-selling success.

2. Nerds

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Not only do food nerds need a dating app—all pop culture nerds do. A dating app that brings people together based on shared cultural loves can lead to true love. Music enthusiasts could also be catered to as well. Maybe Spotify can help you discover new music and other people who love Cardi B or Bruce Springsteen as much as you do?

A person's dating profile could list common cultural interests and instantly connect them to other people—especially during Netflix and Chill season. Think about how excited friends get when they connect over a mutually favorite movie, now multiply that by two and add a romantic setting. Swish.

Pop culture enthusiasts who might be at home watching the latest Thor or X-Men movie, could be on a date adorably debating whether Marvel or DC Comics is better. An app like this could bring culture nerds together to socialize and possibly find that special someone.

3. Really Cautious Daters

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Imagine a dating app that also provided you with a clear background check for a potential date. This would completely eliminate the common fear most people, especially women, have about whether or not the person they are having drinks with is a serial killer. Let's face it, the irrational fear has crossed everyone's minds. Now daters just need the dating app to exist.

While loving the same food or movie may not always lead to true love, apps that help people connect based on similar interests (and safety!) could be a great way to start on that romantic journey. Because if people can be brought together through a love of food, music, or as friends, why not love, right?