When it comes to your sex life, you never want it to get boring or dull. It is important to keep things interesting and fresh in order to continue to have fun with your partner. There are plenty of ways to keep the spark in your sex life and perhaps one of the easiest ways is to incorporate dirty talk.

While dirty talk might be intimidating to some people, there are plenty of ways to make it more fun, easier, and even a bit sexier. With some of these tips and tricks, you will be able to incorporate talking dirty into your sex life in no time, while also keeping things fresh and sassy.

It is important to ease your way into talking dirty, especially if you are completely new to this. If you aren’t really sure what to do, then you will not want to rush into the dirty talk. Especially the first time in, you won’t want to overdo things, so start off slow and just add one or two things into your sexual play. You can add more dirty talk each time you engage with your partner and build up to a more in-depth experience.

The only way to really make dirty talk work is to have confidence. In any sexual situation, confidence is supremely sexy and can really make any type of dirty talk work. If you feel good about yourself and exude confidence, your partner is going to be just as into the experience as you will be.

If you want to kick things off, you might want to start by whispering in your partner’s ear. This will also help if you find that you are shy or not comfortable with talking dirty. Not only will this help to make you feel more comfortable, but it can also make things hotter and sexier. You do not have to be loud to talk dirty and whispering can be especially intimate. This is also a chance to kick things off as it gives you the opportunity to kick up the spice factor by licking or biting at the neck and ear of your partner.

When you first start incorporating dirty talk into your sex life, you may want to start off with compliments. Whether you begin by saying how much you love your partner’s body or even complimenting them on what it is they are doing to you, the way you offer up these positive aspects can be extremely sexy, even if you don’t think it is actually dirty talk. If you find yourself naked, straddling your partner’s body, anything you say can be construed as dirty talk, especially depending on how you say it.

Try to be as descriptive as possible with your dirty talk. The easiest way to learn and expand on talking dirty is to describe things in detail. Even if you choose to focus on a specific aspect of what your partner is doing to you or what you are doing to them, getting specific and detailed will elevate things to the next level.

Not only should you talk about what you want, but you should also talk about what you really enjoy doing. When you don’t really know what to say, telling someone your wants and needs can be extremely sexy. This is also a great way to bring in the details because this is your chance to really describe your desires and bring in some authority to the bedroom.

Sometimes when you aren’t sure what to say while talking dirty, think about all of your senses. Using each of your senses as well as descriptiveness will elevate the experience for both of you because this is a chance to really incorporate all aspects of your sexual exploration into the dirty talk.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your partner. The goal is to turn both you and your partner on using your words, so it is all about fun times and enjoying yourselves.

This is your chance to get to know your partner better, and even explore what turns you on. Although sex can be distracting and it can be hard to figure out what to say, just try to relax and let go. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to talking dirty, instead, it is all about trying something new and having a good time.

Image by Rowena Waack via Flickr