If you hang out in a group, you may miss out on some romance. If you go alone, you may miss out on some fun. Is there a middle way? Of course there is. Double Dates! Here are some ideas to take romance and friends fun hand in hand:

-Do something you Fear: There'll definitely be one of you who's dead scared of something. Maybe heights? Think of an activity that would make that person overcome that fear (don't let him/her know). The rest 3's job is to encourage and persuade that person. Remember, be soft and patient. The idea isn't to scare them more.

-Volunteer: This may not seem the most romantic idea at first but it's one of the best things to do. You'll not only be doing something amazing for another living being but will also experience something that only a few people do.

-DIY Project: The more, the merrier. Take on a big DIY project like repainting the room. The group activity would bring you closer, it's useful and would leave behind a beautiful memory. Have some good food or a swim after the hard work to chill. Don't forget to click photos.

-Quiz Time: A classic fun time. Remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? Make questions about how well you know each other. Be creative and make a system of rewards and punishment too. Make sure these are unforgettable. Like, doing a prank on a neighbour in the middle of the night.

-Festivals/Carnivals/Fairs: Check the calendar for an event that you've wanted to go to for a long time. Take a road trip and make the most out of your time! Don't forget souvenirs!

-Treasure Hunt: One couple shall built a treasure hunt for the other couple. Treasure would be some gift that the couple making the treasure hunt buys (or makes) beforehand. Leave clues throughout the city. Lead them from one spot to another. Don't make the clue too direct or too indirect. Take a day for the same. Make a video or a scrapbook of the entire day. Let it be an inspiration for generations :P