You would often find yourself oscillating between your job and house with very less time for yourself. It gets hectic sometimes too. Naturally, your date life takes a backseat.

And then you go to sleep thinking if only you had more time to yourself. The truth is, you actually can find time for some together time that would neatly tuck into your schedule!

Ever tried dating on the go? It's pretty simple. On the way to your office or college or home, you can get together and try these little dates. Even if there's no standard route or time, you can just call up your partner and try these! In fact, it can also be done for long distance relationship.

Eye around: While you're traveling, only watch people around and try to make up their life story from their behavior. Compete with your partner, race your brains and make up the most exciting yet suitable life stories.

Grocery Shopping: It need not be all about going in, picking stuff and paying. Take along your partner. Explore things that you've not tried, or only one of you has. Recommend groceries with reasons.

This would let you know him/her more. Also, you may also be laughing over some long-forgotten memories? :D

A-day-in-our-life Video: We all have seen such videos of celebrities. Well, why not make yours? You can even be creative and exaggerate stuff a bit, making a funny video of your daily struggles If you live apart, you can make a parallel video too :)

Play Online: This is not a new idea. But when you're apart and wanting to utilize time spent traveling, this can be a great way. Compete against each other in an online game. You'll be near to your partner even if afar.

Q/A Rounds: You'll get hundreds of questions you can ask your partner from the internet. Just download the questions and the next time, you're on the go, call him/her and have fun Q/A rounds.

This may sound monotonous, but it's an excellent way to notch up your love life. It is fun and a learning experience too. Learning what, you ask? Go and find out!