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Food Ideas for You and Your Partner if You’re Both Picky Eaters

If you’re a picky eater, you know the struggle is real. Dinnertime (or any mealtime) is a constant indecisive battle of what sounds good and what you’re willing to make. Throw a partner into the mix, and it complicates the situation even more, and if they’re a picky eater, you’ll never decide.

“Will You Eat This?”

Luckily, I’ve discovered a little trick a while ago that seems to work. I’ve satisfied family, friends, and partners with my dishes, so hopefully, it’ll help you out as well.

I normally start with cooking some rice. Meanwhile, I pick out some protein, some veggies, and mix it all together and serve it as a stir-fry.

If you’re cooking for you and your partner, figure out what foods the both of you like. We both like chicken, and we both like spicy foods. So, I’ll normally throw in some peppers, broccoli, mushrooms. Once its all cooked, ill toss it in some hot sauce or buffalo sauce, add a little cheese to help it all stay together, and that’s our meal.

Time Is Money

Now, it doesn’t always work as easy as that. If you don’t all like the same types of veggies or protein, you can make this dish work, but it is going to be a lot more time-consuming. If he wants something I don’t like, I’ll make individual rice dishes. I’ll put some sausage and onions in for him, and some pulled pork and tomatoes in for me, make them in separate pans, and then we’re both satisfied.

The only issue I run into with this is the extra time it takes to prep all of the different veggies that I’m putting in the dishes. So, my advice to you if you and your partner like different veggies is to buy the pre-cut frozen bags at the store. It can save you HOURS of prepping and cooking time.

Pro Tips

If this only sounds appealing to one of you, it’s honestly a great dish for meal prepping. The more meat and veggies you put in, the bigger the dish gets. I find that if I’m cooking a rice dish for myself, I’ll get a good 2-3 meals out of it. Plus, its something easy to heat up at work or when I’m constantly on the go.

Rice isn’t your thing? Don’t like a bunch of veggies or protein? This idea just isn’t what you and your partner are looking for? My advice is to start with foods that the both of you like and go from there.