Gift giving is not always a straightforward process, especially in dating. When to give and what to give are common questions that come to mind. But food related gifts are a seamless option since everyone loves food and it comes across as thoughtful without being over the top. Here are a few food related gift options that will keep on giving, and some of them you can even do together.

The Candy Club

The Candy Club subscription box is the perfect option for that special someone in your life with a serious sweet tooth. The box of goodies can be sent as a one-time gift or as a yearly subscription with regular delivery intervals. They send a variety of different kinds types in each batch, which is enough to keep any candy lover interested. Who doesn’t love a surprise box at the front door?

Rouxbe Cooking Courses

In most larger towns there are plenty of cooking classes to be found, but there are also some quality cooking classes offered online as well. With Rouxbe’s general membership plan, you get access to both easy cooking recipes as well as courses that can be followed for months. Classes are offered on topics such as cutting, cooking steak, appreciating pasta, mastering grains, and understand the stir-fry wok. It’s an awesome gift option for the person that’s been aching to get in the kitchen but has felt held back by the basics.

An Herb Growing Kit

For the person who is already comfortable whipping meals up in the kitchen, growing their own herbs might be the next step. It’s pretty easy to build a herb growing kit and there are also plenty of them out there that are ready to go as gifts. Herbs that grow easily in a kitchen window include parsley, oregano, lavender, thyme, mint, sage, rosemary etc. A simple planter box, some soil, water, and light is all that they need to grow. The herbs can then be pinched off and used in fresh cooking. Sites like The Tasteful Garden allow you to choose the herbs that you want in a planter and send it off wherever you choose.


Graze is another subscription food box but this one is focused strictly on snack foods. That might mean popcorn, protein packs, or dark chocolate and nut mixes. Each snack is packed in a perfectly portioned to-go container that can be stashed in any purse or bag. These subscription boxes offer flexibility with scheduling. You can choose to have them arrive monthly or even weekly. It’s a fairly straightforward gift, but every time the recipient goes to open one of those snack boxes they’re going to think of you.

Wine Down Box

The Wine Down Box is perfect for any wine lover. The subscription box sends a wine and cheese charcuterie pairing each month to be enjoyed. All of the wines are of limited production California varieties so they aren’t necessarily something that you can find at just any store. The food, of course, is fresh and specifically chosen based on each wine selection. The pairings can be ordered at the beginning of the month for a delivery by the 25th. Who knows, the recipient might just invite you over to enjoy the pairing with them.

Universal Yums

The Universal Yums is a snack box that serves up snacks and candy from a different country each month. Many of the authentic snacks are sure to be brand new to the recipient, so it’s a pretty unique gift option. These are not snacks that you’ll find at the local supermarket, which makes them that much more special. Universal Yums can be ordered as a monthly subscription or simply sent as a one-time gift.

The Craft Beer Club

The Craft Beer Club is exactly what it sounds like. Each month 12 different beers from craft breweries across the U.S. are delivered right to the recipient’s front door. It’s an awesome way to get exposure to new beer brands and tastes as well as support the interests of microbreweries. There is no subscription fee and the box can be started or stopped at any time.