I grew up in the city, so that may explain my love for small town America. But seriously, what’s not to love?

Small towns all over America are truly diamonds in the rough, and easily some of my favorite vacations to date. Here are all the reasons I love vacationing in small towns.

Slower Way of Life

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When you are on vacation, you don’t want to be rushed. And this is perfect for small towns everywhere. The pace is just slower in a small town. People mosey through the stores, drive carefully through the streets, and even take more time providing services. And I admit, coming to small towns does drive me a bit insane sometimes, but only for a second. Because the small town atmosphere also reminds me to slow down, take my time, and not rush. And like I said, who wants to rush on vacation?

Great Prices

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Calling all penny pinchers! Want to take a great vacation, on a budget? Small towns are where it’s at! Most people expect to spend gobs of money while on vacation. They budget for it, save for it, and plan for it. But what if you could save money, and not just a little, possibly even hundreds?

Go to a small town and literally everything will be cheaper. Want snacks from the store? Less than $20. Going out for drinks? Less than $50 for several rounds. Drinks from the store? Practically free. And that’s not it. Activities, gas, events, and so much more are not only well priced, they are super cheap. And it will be a great time.

Small Town People

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If you grew up in a small town, you know how nice the people are there because when you travel, they won’t be nearly as amiable. If you grew up in the city, small towns will pierce your soul in the best way possible. Old school charm, manners, and just a niceness exudes from so many small town people. It is a beautiful thing.

I’m talking a hello and smiles wherever you go, people holding the door open for you, and people offering to help you, whether it’s with that rouge farmers market item about to slip out of your hands or to grab something off the shelf that you clearly cannot reach. (I am not nearly tall enough for this world LOL.)


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You know how I was talking about that slow paced, relaxed atmosphere? Well, add some genuine peace and quiet, and that is what you will get in a small town. You can walk along the street and barely have a car pass you. Want to take a bike ride? Same thing. Not only is “town” more quiet but the outdoors in general. You won’t hear constant sirens, alarms, traffic and beeping, truck breaking, or other loud and obnoxious noises in most small towns. Nope. You will hear the rustle of trees, the “waves” on the lake, birds, and other soothing, natural sounds. It’s blissful.

If cheaper prices, a slower pace, nicer people, and a more quiet space don’t appeal to you, then we shouldn’t vacation together. We just shouldn’t. But take my word for it, at least once, and try a vacation in a small town. At least then you can say you did, and I would be shocked if you hated it. Shocked!