According to a major study conducted in the United States in 2017, nearly 90% of the US population has been affected by affairs, i.e. either they have been involved in affairs themselves or they have worried about their family/friends who have been involved in affairs. Surprisingly, a body of research shows that this percentage is actually much higher in China, nearly 96% of the Chinese population has been affected by affairs.

Sophia K. and Jacob W., co-founders of two popular free dating sites, claim that many men use free dating websites to cheat on their girlfriends or wives. And these two experts would like to share their insights into this phenomenon.

Why do men cheat?

Here are a few common reasons why men cheat:
1) Their efforts are not appreciated by their girlfriends
2) Their talents are not acknowledged by their girlfriends
3) Their capabilities are not trusted by their girlfriends
4) Their girlfriends cannot meet their needs in the bedroom
5) There are too many temptations that are too hard to resist

The first three reasons refer to one thing - men’s emotional needs are not met by their girlfriends, says Sophia, co-founder of a popular free dating website, when men don’t hear their women’s appreciation anymore, they would seek it elsewhere.

When their women doubt their talents, they only want to meet someone who acknowledges their talents. A case in point is Princess Diana who publicly told the media that she didn’t believe Prince Charles had the talents to become the King.

Small wonder why they were divorced. When women start to give their men advice before men ask for it, men’s capabilities are not trusted by their girlfriends anymore.’

As to what’s happening in the bedroom, men oftentimes have more fantasies than women. If a woman says, I definitely won’t do that with you, that’s exactly when a man begins to look at other women. Therefore, a smart woman would never say something is impossible.

As long as only you two are involved in it, anything in bed should be fine, says Jacob, co-founder of another free dating site, men don’t necessarily expect their girlfriends to do everything in the bedroom, but we need to know that it’s possible - there is hope.

Of course, nowadays there are too many temptations everywhere. Men have easy access to other women via so many free dating sites which don’t even charge a membership fee, so it’s really hard to resist these overwhelming temptations.

Is it possible for men to be happy in committed relationships?

The answer is yes.

Many men fear commitment not because they don’t like having serious relationships, but because they have negative associations with commitment.

Women are gatekeepers of sex, whereas men are gatekeepers of commitment, says Sophia K., co-founder of the free dating site, although this is probably a generalization, to some degree, it is very true.

However, that doesn’t mean women don’t like sex and men don’t like commitment. In fact, many men fear commitment only because they have negative associations with the idea of commitment.

Men who are happy in committed relationships can usually meet all their needs in serious relationships, so they don’t have negative associations with commitment anymore, says Jacob W., co-founder of the best free dating site, in the mainstream culture, commitment means lack of variety, lack of excitement, death of sex life, loads of responsibilities and facing a woman who has very little to offer after her beauty and youth fade away.

But if a woman can show a man that being with her in the long term means lots of variety and excitement, a healthy sex life, meaningful responsibilities that he actually enjoys and being with a high-quality woman who not only has looks but also has brains, then of course he will want to be in a committed relationship happily.

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