When you first meet someone and go out on dates, the thoughts of what to do, and more importantly, what and where to eat, may soon invade your mind. You may be wondering if the date should be casual or adventurous, or even the same as always. Below are great date ideas for foodies according to how long the two of you have been dating.

A couple of days

Eating out

For those just in the beginning of a new relationship, it is best to keep the date idea light and carefree. This is the perfect opportunity to go to a cafe, diner, or restaurant for a light beverage or a small meal as you both get to know each other better. That way, if the date goes poorly, you will both have spent less time and money on each other, and there will be no regrets. Plus, you may have tried a new item off the menu that you otherwise would have missed. If the date went well, then there is nothing to worry about.

As for seating arrangements, depending on how comfortable the two of you are, you can sit opposite from each other or side by side. By sitting opposite from each other, you can focus your attention on getting to know each other better. If you are more intimate with each other already, you may want to sit side by side so that both of you can show affection to each other better, or so that you can hear each other better if you are in a crowded room.

A couple of weeks

Netflix and Chill

This is the time when both of you may feel comfortable inviting each other over to where you live. Great date ideas for foodies may include takeout and ‘Netflix and Chill.’ This is also the time when both of you may want to get more intimate with each other and may feel more comfortable showing affection. Just be sure to be safe and to have fun, because you are still getting to know each other.

If you do want to go out, try watching a movie at a movie theatre, seeing a play, going to a concert, dance, arcade, the beach, hiking, etc. There is no reason why you must stay in all the time unless of course, you enjoy it.

Remember never to get stuck in a routine and always to be curious about each other. Keep an air of mystery about yourselves so that you crave more from each other, and not just food! This is because routines get boring fast, so if you change things up now and then, the two of you will never be bored. The same should go for the menu as well. Always be on the lookout for something new to try, unless either of you is a picky eater.

A couple of months

Cooking for two

During this time, you may have learned that one of you can cook or is willing to learn. This is a great opportunity to put that idea to the test in the form of a homemade meal which the two of you can do together. Not only will you be learning about food preferences, but it will teach both of you how to cooperate, how to compromise, and how to have fun when things go wrong, or right!

For example, I love making my pizza. All you need to do is buy a pizza crust and other ingredients, and split the pizza in half, or buy two pizza crusts instead. It is a cheap date idea, and it is tasty, which is perfect for foodies. Who doesn’t like a good pizza?

You don’t have to make pizza though; there are many recipes the two of you can choose from. I once made tacos, chili, and an assortment of snacks. Just be sure to ask each other if either of you are allergic to anything, and if there are ingredients or recipes, you will never want to try. You don’t want to be in a situation of forcing your date to eat something just because you made it together, or because you want to please them with your skills in the kitchen. Be polite as you both come up with new tasty ideas.

A couple of years

Activities and food

After some time has passed, you may want to try making a food display of all your favorite foods put together. You may want to add an activity to this as well to create anticipation.

For example, I once made a scavenger hunt for an anniversary date idea. I made sure the person had to find me first while collecting some treats along the way. The anticipation of the food was high, and we both had fun. You don’t have to do this of course, but it could be fun to try something different from the usual.

A twist on this idea would be to have your partner guess the food that they are eating while blindfolded. All you would need to do is to have the food be bite size. You could even play games like how well you know each other, never have I ever, etc. with the reward or penalty being the food or even a drink. You may surprise each other with your answers!

There are many options for date ideas for foodies, but knowing which to choose from can be tricky. You may want to keep it casual by going out to eat or take it home for some adventurous play. Either way, don’t forget to have fun along the way of getting to know each other better.

Even if both of you are foodies, the fun isn’t just in enjoying the food together, but the journey of enjoying each other’s company more and more with each passing day. Surprise each other now and then, and never forget to have fun in the kitchen, or wherever food is located at.

Image credit: Everypixel